14 thoughts on “Avrum Burg to Found New Israeli Political Party: Shivyon Yisrael – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I would tend to agree with you, Richard. Burg is a bit of an idealist. But if nothing else, if he gets across the ideas he expressed in his book, “The Holocaust is Over; We must Recover from its Ashes,” he will have accomplished some good. I see him as an Israeli Ralph Nader: Not a chance in hell of winning, but useful in waking people out of ignorance and apathy. A little shaking up will do Israel a lot of good.

    I wish him luck.

  2. How can Burg do anything new and honest ? the man has such a bad record, and why fall again for the same scam ? I suspect that you are becoming a desperate Israeli, richard, with the accompanying dissociative disorder….perhaps you need a good summer vacation.

    Vertigo is a phenomenon whereby a person rationalizes fantasies of the senses…
    for lack of honest people, we become victims of our wishfull thinking. THis is what enabled the return of Netanyahu, barak and the recycled crowd of meretz who use good PR companies that come up with catchy phrases.

    Your local drug dealer can tell you how this is done.

  3. I wish Burg will succeed if not elctorally then atleast in furthering the ideas of true democracy in Israel. The baggage he talks about in Hadash could be their affilation with the communist party, which is problematic for many democratic Jews and Arabs.

  4. I think the emotional baggage Burg could be referring to are (a) its leadership is wholly non-mainstream faces, like Dov Hanin, and (b) it’s expressly communist philosophy.

    I think this is interesting because I had the honor of meeting Hadash top MK Dov Hanin two weeks ago, in which he outlined a party platform that sounded absolutely lovely. In fact, it sounded like a presentation at the New Israel Fund — equality for all, minority rights, shared living between Jews and Arabs, and peace with the Palestinians.

    Further interesting, Dov Hanin ran in the last Tel Aviv mayoral election and won over 30% of the vote against an incumbent mayor. That’s 30% of Israel’s largest, most liberal city. His prominence in Knesset, I am told, rose and the broader palatability for his party platform was tested.

    Essentially, I’m told if you’re under 35 and solidly pro-peace liberal, then you’re almost certainly a Hadash voter.

  5. So Burg is starting a new Jewish-Arab party.

    In keeping with his actions I would like to announce the start of my new Jewish-Martian party.

    Sure there are no actual Martians in my party, and the name of my party won’t feature any Martian words, and I don’t actually live on Mars.

    But since some people know my Daddy I expect Haaretz to report on its founding.

    Garcon! Ou est mon steak cordon bleu. J’ai faim me-od.

  6. Whether or not this new party is the mother of all lost causes, I’m for it. Burg is my idea of what a Jew is — a cosmopolitan, a globalized Jew who brings together many of the qualities I love about Jewish thought and Jewish ideals. He could possibly break this closed, incestuous relationship between American right-wing Jews and Israel’s power elite.

  7. I like Avrum Burg, but this shows absolutely zero connection with reality and logic.

    …Israeli cultural values of human dignity, the search for peace and a desire for freedom, justice and equality.

    Those are “Israeli cultural values”?! Why has Israel never displayed those values at any time during its 62-year history?

    a state whose regime is democratic and egalitarian, and which belongs to all its citizens and communities. The state in which the Jewish people have chosen to renew their sovereignty and where they realize their right to self-determination.”

    You can’t have it both ways. Either Israel is a democratic, egalitarian state that belongs to all its citizens, or it is the sovereign Jewish State. The two are incompatible and cannot exist together in the same place at the same time.

  8. he would have done us more good if he joined hadash. even hadash’s name means the ideals he’s aiming for: the democratic frontier for peace and equality.

  9. I hope he succeeds. As long as he’s completely honest with himself and not patronizing towards Arabs, I see success in his future.

  10. Burg is a moral person .He needs a chance to reverse the society that has bocome so materialistic ,and is blinded by selfish values. I don’t think that we should be LIGHT INTO THE NATIONS necessarily,the USA took this role, upon itself, but, we don’t need to be bling and ethnocentric either, focusing only, on money, real estate, and on what do i get out of this? my generation , had other values ,and more meaning!

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  11. Hi,

    I think, that Avraham Burg ist Wrong! – WHY???

    BECAUSE if he would found a citizen-organisation, like greenpeace, robinwood or so BUT for the ideaas he pronounces and explains – he would get some more advantages:

    1.) – he could contact and try to engage ALL political parties!
    2.) – He would be get “support” from peoples of ALL political flavors
    3.) – He had a better because more neutral position to engage against ALL Peoples and parties but not only ONE – his own!;-(
    4.) – With an “neutral” Organisation he would easily get money e en from external Israel….

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