9 thoughts on “IDF and Shin Bet: Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight–or Read – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. richard,

    you live in a country that puts 7 year olds on no fly lists

    sounds to me like israel is becoming a model democratic nation

    1. I’ve told you in the past that I HATE snark. So keep this up & you won’t just be moderated…

      Are you seriously comparing the mistake of accidentally putting on the no fly list (an incident you haven’t proven btw) someone who has the same exact name as a suspected person, w. the Shin Bet-IDF’s mistake of trying to arrest someone who has four names, only one of which matched the suspect they really wanted to question? Not to mention, that they went to this 7 yr old’s home & tried to force his family to bring him for questioning to a Shin Bet intelligence office? Are you really trying to compare these incidents???

      1. Richard, sometimes I think you’ve created the Uncle Joe McCarthy identity to engage readers in conversation. But, alas, there is much bigotry in the world already to provide us with an actual fool such as Uncle Joe McCarthy. Pretty please, do not ban Uncle Joe McCarthy from the site. We need him to remind us of the current take on bigotry, specifically when it comes to politics. It is much like having Rush Limbaugh wake you up in the morning to remind you that not everyone is trying to make the world a better place.

  2. By bashing the intelligence capabilities of the IDF/Shabak, which are far deadlier and accurate than you mockingly make them out to be, you end up missing the point of the matter: that the soliders, while realizing the mistake, laughed at it and still went forward with the summons – an order is an order, after all. That is the real indicator of the skewed moral system behind the military occupation and its rotting effect on Israeli society in general.

  3. You switched the names in the last part of your post. It isn’t a big thing, but it does detract from your point. Just a heads up.

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