18 thoughts on “Demand Obama Cancel Tuesday Meeting With Bibi, EU Nations Summoning Ambassadors Home in Protest – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Rahm Emanuel, who ironically is now in Israel celebrating his son’s Bar Mitzvah,”
    You missed one Richard: Emanuel is celebrating his son’s Bar Mitzvah in the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, i.e. the Western Wall.

      1. Hi Elisabeth –
        How else would you term a statement that Jewish children do not suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? It seems to imply that a 5 yr old Jewish child is capable of analyzing the political/security situation while the Palestinian child is not. Sounds like racial stereotyping to me.
        Speaking of children, do you think that Jews should be allowed to hold their so-called religious initiation rites at Muslim holy sites in the Occupied Territories?

      2. The ass has the chutzpah to accuse me of being racist when he’s the one who doesn’t give a crap about 300 dead Gazan children during Cast Lead. Who’s the racist? I at least criticized the Qassam rockets on Israel. What did this ass do?

  2. enough to plunge Israel into a third Intifada
    This is what they want, an excuse for further oppression in the WB, the peace talks on ice for a good decade or more, settlements continue apace. And all for a dozen or so lives. What a bargain.

  3. Are they insane? Not at all. The one constant with Israel, besides violence from the Nakba onward, is acquiring Palestinian land. That is all they are interested in, all they were ever interested in,and it seems to be working well. Peace talks are a fraud, the equivalent of the Zionist/Arab friendship societies from the earlier decades of the 19th century whose real object was dispossession of the natives. They are what they are, beyond redemption, short of awful tragedy and regional war.

    1. “beyond redemption” says it all.

      And writing to the us prez or anyone else is silly.

      only force will stop this brutal power, and apparently that is not going to happen.

      I’d as soon have written a letter:
      “Dear Mr. Hitler,
      Please stop the killing.”


        1. I didn’t get the impression that ellenr was comparing Obama to Hitler. Only that writing to him and expecting help is about as useless as expecting any from Hitler. Though Obama is not oppressing Palestinians, he is certainly not doing anything to keep Israelis from doing so. In that sense, he is complicit and deserves admonition.

  4. Did Rahm Emanuel ask for permission from the Palestinians before holding a Jewish “religious ceremony” in the Occupied Territories ? This was obviously intended as a deliberate provocation or a not so subtle message from the American gov’t about Jewish sovereignty at Muslim holy sites.

  5. I had the live feed on for hours. Israel attacked with fire before ever boarding the ship. There were people SHOT before they boarded the ship. Who are they going to try to fool. I can’t even muster up the anger and disgust and then my logic kicks in and I can not IMAGINE they think they can lie like this when the entire scene was telecast to thousands as it was occurring. There is a sociopathy going on here. Look, I can make the sun not rise.

    No you cannot Israel. The light has shown on you to the entire world.

    1. well I don’t know if it is sociopathy.
      I think the Israeli land grab spoken of by another poster is more likely.

      Either way, Israeli knows they can get away with anything, and they CAN, until someone forces them to stop.

      The fact that they committed this massacre in front of the whole world proves that they believe they are immune,
      and in fact they are.

  6. Can’t wait to see if the US Congress disgraces itself still further by passing another ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF resolution with only a handful of dissenting votes.

  7. How long will we wait for a similar response from Hillary??

    Come on, Richard! Hillary will don her best disapproving school marm expression, cluck her tongue disapprovingly and declare that Israel’s boarding of the Turkish ship in international waters was “unhelpful”. That’s as much as we’ll get out of Hillary. That’s as much as we’ll get out of the Obama administration.

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