10 thoughts on “Israeli Far-Right, Media, Shin Bet Baying for Kamm’s Blood – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is horrid. Any reasonable man can see she’s a whistleblower, not a spy. I wish I knew why Ma’ariv publishes this. Scary, it really is.

    There’s a visible errosion of democratic values and a massive rightwing shift in society. I wonder where it comes from – militray conflicts clearly not being the reason.

    I mostly agree with your analysis, except for the barak-ashkenazi story. Most Chief Of Staff served three year terms. Recently, the term was extended to four. A fifth year requires an emergency, and there isn’t any. There’s no real reason the extend it and as far as I know, Ashkenazi never requested an extenstion.

    1. Yakov,

      1. Maariv has been a right-wing rag for a while, and it is now seriously threatened by an even worse paper, the Israeli version of Pravda, the freely-distributed Sheldon Adelson rag “Israel Hayom”. So Maariv keeps getting more and more right-wing. For example, I just returned from Israel, and hardly a day passes without a personal anti-Obama screed adorning their opinion pages.

      2. The Chief of Staff’s fourth year is considered a no-brainer, and withholding it a slap in the face. It only happened to a couple of COS’s before. This is what Sharon did to Boogy in response to his opposition to the Gaza evacuation. I don’t know if Richard and his source are right, but the Israeli media definitely noted the end-of-term announcement as an affront to Ashkenazi, who is quite popular.

  2. Every day, in every way, the Israelis find new methods of making pariahs of themselves. Witness the article in today’s Haaretz about the new laws allowing deportation of Palestinians from the West Bank (ethnic cleansing?).

    The out and out hate and stupidity about the Kamm case is even more disgusting than the trashing of self-hating Jews for criticizing Israeli policies. Ironically, the best lawyer to hire for her would be the famous “legal scholar” Alan Jerkowitz. He’d sell his sole for a buck and the publicity. And he has a reputation for getting his clients off.

  3. RE: “I don’t know whether to complain to Facebook about the existence of groups calling for the execution of a fellow human being or to leave the pages up as Exhibit A in the venom spewed by these vulgar hooligans.” – R.S.
    MY POLICY: Leave the pages up as Exhibit A in the venom spewed by these vulgar hooligans, unless they appear to to have the real potential for actually inciting violence. This can be a difficult call, so when in doubt, I err on the side of reporting them.
    But when there is a group called something like (I can’t remember exactly) “Hoping Richard Goldstone Gets Brain Cancer”, I think it just reflects poorly on Justice Goldstone’s fanatical detractors.

  4. Beyond the Pale, radio WBAI, had a report today from Cecile of Muzzle Watch who gives a big shout-out to Richard (and other progressive Jewish bloggers) for their coverage and promotion of this.

  5. Yes Richard,

    I’m afraid the game in the Israeli arena is rigged. It’s good at least that the “radical left” had some head start (although it forfeited much of it at Kamm’s own request, the irony). But now it’s all drowned with hysterical hate coming from the center and right. The stories about this affair are deluged by incoherent hate talkbacks, it’s not a coordinated right-wing attack but the undercurrent of the typical Israeli mind responding Pavlov-like to the “security, spy, traitor” stimuli from the mainstream sources.

    Now it’s the international stage where the fate of this affair will be determined. If the judges will feel inconvenient enough to run a kangaroo trial like Vanunu received, Kamm may come out easy. If they feel no one’s watching, she’ll get the book thrown at her and more.

    As to the greater issue of how and why the IDF brass pisses upon High Court decisions on such critical matters as assassinations, this too will depend on whether the overall atmosphere will drive the courts towards activism or cowardice.

    In short, Richard, keep on doing the amazing work you’ve been doing!

  6. The Maariv headline and Im Tirzu poster are legitimate (the lower caption which you mistranslated is not part of the poster), and the rest are just despicable facebook pages made by a bunch of nobodies. Compare this to what an editor working for Haaretz wrote on his facebook page about the family of Miriam Peretz who lost two sons in combat in the IDF – he called them a “family of fascists and Jihadists”.
    To his credit he wrote an open apology letter (like he had a choice) but this shows you what kind of people work for Haaretz. http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/1,7340,L-3873902,00.html

    1. Amir, how far was the editor from the truth? I mean, sure, there’s nothing fascist or jihad-like in being a soldier and an officer in the IDF. And there’s no doubt in my mind that both Peretz brothers, on a personal level, are heros.

      Now, let’s take a step back and look a the bigger picture. In the past 20 years, there’s been a huge increase in national-religious draft in the IDF.

      Most soldiers in the IDF are motivated to serve by the idea of protecting their families, friends and nation against an

      However, for many religious soldiers, the motivation is also a Biblical right for this land and that defending it is somehow a Mitzvah and is looked upon favorably by religious leaders and God itself. How is this additional religious motivation different from Jihad against All Infidels in which it is a great deed to die only to be awarded 72 virgins in heaven?

      Both are religious motivations, so there is a jihadist *component* to the story

  7. thank you so much richard and please thank your contact. the risks you are taking don’t go unnoticed. this could represent the tipping pt for israel. those papers could be israel’s pandora box. hopefully truth and justice will prevail. there are still good people in israel and they are in my prayers as are kamm and uri. israeli heroes is what they are.

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