6 thoughts on “Maariv Satirizes Anat Kamm Gag Order – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. When the government thinks it’s the supreme authority, acting with total disregard for the rule of law, then it’s always an important story.

    Perhaps the story wasn’t picked up because the victims are Palestinians and no one cares what happens to them. We all know that because they are stateless they are deprived of the same rights afforded to Israelis.

    All we can do is to keep fighting for the rights of all, shed as much light as possible on these injustices, and demanding that Israel stop creating facts on the ground that will derail peace and shatter the dream of Palestinian statehood in which case they will forever be a people without rights and at the mercy of Israel’s two-tier legal system.

      1. I am sorry but in this case I really dont think that is something about how “poor” or how much the world doesnt care about the palestinian people.
        Try to not take issue to that side because it’s so wrong!
        This is an Israeli problem and not a Palestinian!

        The goverment and Anat herself are doing the best to come to the end of this issue.
        the government because …well…we know why..
        and Anat is doing it for herself! she doesnt want to be in jail..so she is trying to “reduce the flames” only thinking on herself..
        the only one who is loosing here is the Israel people..who is loosing his democarcy bu not knowing what is going on in his country!

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