18 thoughts on “Mossad Chief Remains Holocaust-Obsessed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Not to mention yet another cynical abuse of the Holocaust. Germany has made is easy for former German Jews to get German citizenship due to the country’s guilt at how it treated the Jews. So the Mossad exploits this in order to get a German passport for a killer. Why should Germany continue this humanitarian provision of its immigration law since Israel cynically abused it? This is the height of disgusting chutzpah.

      1. Ah. But there’s the flip side to this German ease for former German Jews to obtain citizenship. I know a German woman who married an Israeli and was granted Israeli citizenship even though she is not Jewish. This occurred some 21 years ago. She went last month to the German consulate in Houston to have her lost German passport replaced and was told that since she had taken Israeli citizenship she had forfeited her German citizenship. It just hadn’t been caught for 21 years. They refused to replace her passport and have told her she must renounce her Israeli citizenship first. Currently the only legal citizenship she holds is Israeli and she allowed her Israeli passport to expire, so long story short, she’s stuck. This is what the German consulate did to her in Houston.

        Germany has some of the strictest citizenship laws on the books, in fact duel citizenship is prohibited per their constitution. They do have a procedure you can go through to get special permission, “Beibehaltungsgenehmigung” which you MUST do if you are considering taking another citizenship in addition to your German citizenship. If you don’t go through this procedure, which may work and may NOT work, then too bad, so sad, you forfeit your German citizenship if you take another without going through the procedure and MAYBE being allowed to hold duel citizenship. A few years ago Germany did ease up their citizenship laws allowing duel citizenship with other EU countries, but Israel is not an EU country.

  1. Americans must come to grips with the knowledge that they, too, and soon, will become targets of the psychopathology that infects Dagan, Mossad, and Israel.

    Israel was on friendly terms with Iran for decades. In the course of those decades, Israel carried out thievery on a massive scale and murder when it seemed to suit Israeli purposes; as Ronen Bergman writes in “The Thirty Years War,” “nobody gave a moment’s thought to ethics; the goal was to make money.”

    Marry that thought, that Israeli arms merchants are untroubled by ethical considerations, with the motivation Jacob Heilbrunn ascribes to the neocons in “They Knew They Were Right:” neocons wanted revenge for the failure of US to act to prevent the Holocaust.”

    America’s Israel-mesmerized US Congress must come to understand that Israel has no friends, only useful sources of wealth and power; and Israel has no conscience, only means and mandates to feed its psychopathic god.

  2. Bessan, I’m not so sure “Yon Dagan” thinks too much, but that of course doesn’t make him less dangerous. And Richard, I believe you have articulated extremely well some of your best analysis ever in the first portion of your commentary through your paragraph that reads: “We must finally put a stake through the heart of the Holocaust as justifier of Israeli policy. This historical event should be precisely this and nothing more. It must not be allowed to become a template for current or future Israeli behavior. To the extent it does, Israel will never become a normal nation and always live within a nightmare of its own making.”

  3. Richard,
    The Sunday Mirror story about Passports being copied at the airport doesn’t sound right to me. All those whose names were used are dual Israeli citizens. By law they have to use their Israeli passport to enter and leave Israel. It is a law that strictly enforced. So their foreign passport will not be accessible to the authorities. further those who immigrated to Israel have no reason to disobey it as the Israeli computer records are quite good. Frankly I don’t believe it.

    1. Do you think the Border POlice might’ve taken their British passports since presumably they might use their British passports on such journeys (esp. to Britain or other Commonwealth countries) & have them with them.

    2. Sol – When these people made aliyah, they used their British passports to enter the country. It was probably copied then for possible future use. When I made my aliyah visit the authorities knew all about it when I arrived at Ben Gurion. I arrived on my American passport and it was 90 minutes before I got it back (long story that I shared on TPM).

      1. Most of the British Israelis whose passports were used have been in the country for a long time. Their original passports would have expired some time ago. They would have received a new one which the immigration/airport authority people would not have seen. That’s why I’m still sceptical. The assassination squad would have used their Israeli passports to leave the country and used their foreign ones to enter the transitional countries.

        1. FYI, this is an interesting excerpt of a recent interview with Paul McGeough, author of Kill Khalid: The Failed Mossad Assassination of Khalid Mishal and the Rise of Hamas:

          …the way it was explained to me when I was researching Kill Khalid was that often what happens is, the Israeli authorities borrow passports momentarily, as people go through immigration, entering or leaving Israel, and skim the details of them. But another thing that happens is, given the number of Jews from other parts of the world, other countries, who migrate to Israel, they have dual citizenship, they have American passports, they have Canadian, British passports, whatever. Now, one of the things that happens is, quite a few of those people are given, if you like, an informal test of their loyalty to the state of Israel and in the form of a request for their passport to be borrowed for a time.

          There was an amazing case, again in the aftermath of the Mishal incident, where a Canadian came forward to the Canadian authorities and confessed that in 1996 he had actually let the Israeli authorities borrow his passport. In the aftermath of the Mishal incident, the Israelis apologized profusely to Canada and promised that they would not use Canadian passports again. But weeks later, this same Canadian had a knock on his door from what he described as a front for the Mossad. He was asked, could they borrow his new passport, and could they also fly his daughter to Ottawa to apply for a new passport and then fly her back to Israel, and could they borrow that passport, too.

  4. Richard said:
    We must finally put a stake through the heart of the Holocaust as justifier of Israeli policy

    Now, replace the word “Holocaust” with “Naqba” and “Israeli” with “Palestinian”, and then we might get a chance for peace.

  5. The word is nakba, نكبة, catastrophe, from the root ن ك ب, to afflict someone with disaster. The word naqba, نقبة, if it existed, would be from the root ن ق ب, to dig a hole, pierce, puncture. In fact, the word naqba does not exist in Arabic except in a few dialects in which it is a very vulgar word referring to a part of the anatomy generally used in English to describe extremely stupid and unpleasant people.

    1. Wow, I haven’t really explored this in any detail but the Hebrew word for female is n’kayva, which has to be related to nakba. But it clearly doesn’t refer to that part of the anatomy to which you refer, but to a part of the anatomy distinctive to women.

      1. It wouldn’t be related to nakba – wrong root. Nakba comes from nun kaf ba, with refers to the infliction of disasters. The root nun qaf ba would be the correct root.

        There are tons of cognates between Hebrew and Arabic, so much so that I can sometimes catch the gist of what is being said when I hear Hebrew. And then, of course, the Israelis have stolen their swear words, including some pretty bad ones, from Arabic. :o}

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