5 thoughts on “Hagee Funds Israeli Nationalist Group Attacking NIF and Hazan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The neocon Jewish right is still assaulting J Street. I ran across a blog today featuring a cartoon saying that Arabs are financing J Street, and so J Street is a terrorist organization. I laughed because the neocons have had to resort to such nonsense in their attempts to get attention.

  2. Hagee’s PR camp should not be getting away with claiming that his sermon was from the 1990s or that he has repudiated these beliefs. The sermon was from 2005 and given as part of a series titled “Jerusalem, Countdown to Crisis.” His books, sermons, and videos are filled with equally vile material. My research colleague produced the video that exposed the sermon as we exposed Hagee’s claim that the anti-Christ is partially Jewish. There is more and worse in Hagee’s media.

  3. In passing, recently my cable server changed all the channels and I haven’t gotten used to it yet, so I was surfing up from the regular broadcast channels yesterday. What suddenly appeared on my television screen? None other than John Hagee on Trinity Broadcasting. I only caught the last ten minutes or so of it. Needless to say, what he was preaching was just about the most hateful sermon I have ever heard, as the camera scanned he was in a building that sat several thousand people. Seeing the rapt expressions on the faces of the audience as they nodded their heads in approval was mind-bending. He wasn’t preaching about Israel this time, he was preaching about the hate crime laws which he claims will stifle “free Christian speech”. To me it isn’t Hagee that is as frightening as his followers. One man can be a lunatic, but when you have that many people believing what he says it tells me more about the mindset of them than it does him who is just ONE man. He could do nothing harmful whatsoever if he didn’t have as many followers as he does.
    That may seem like a “duh” statement, but think about it.
    If his tax-exempt status could be overturned, it wouldn’t just affect him, it would affect the thousands who claim contributions to his “ministry” on their own tax returns. They are all the culpable ones in this matter. The Nuremberg Principles, the “good Germans” were held accountable.

    1. It’s scary because you really wonder if there are that many people out there with too much time on their hands and not enough mental power to know that they’re being indoctrinated. I suggest the book “God’s Profits.” I can’t recall the name of the author, but the whole “prosperity gospel” movement is based on these preachers getting rich by exploiting people’s weaknesses.

  4. Australian groups cancel Chazan appearances
    February 4, 2010

    SYDNEY, Australia (JTA) — Former Israeli lawmaker Naomi Chazan’s visit to Australia was canceled following allegations that the organization she heads helped provide information for the Goldstone report.

    Chazan, president of the New Israel Fund, was invited by the Union for Progressive Judaism — the Australian equivalent of the Reform movement — to address fund-raisers next week for the United Israel Appeal in Melbourne and Sydney .

    But her invitation was withdrawn this week following a maelstrom over allegations by the right-wing student organization Im Tirzu that NIF had disbursed more than $7 million to 16 NGOs that had provided 92 percent of the negative information contained in the controversial United Nations report on last winter’s Gaza war.

    Dr. Danny Lamm, president of the Zionist Council of Victoria, which withdrew its decision to co-host Chazan at a function in Melbourne this weekend, told The Age newspaper that “Organizations that they have funded have done damage to Israel, and as a consequence we don’t want to have anything to with the New Israel Fund.”

    Steve Denenberg of the Union for Progressive Judaism said that “As soon it had become obvious that the focus of her visit would be diverted from the original purpose of raising funds for Israel, we had no choice but to mutually cancel the visit.”

    The New Israel Fund’s CEO, Daniel Sokatch, slammed the “baseless allegations” of Im Tirzu, telling the Jerusalem Post that they were “the worst kind of vicious hate speech.”

    “I’m very disappointed that the [UPJ] has decided to bow to extreme and unfounded right-wing accusations,” Chazan said. “They are capitulating to ideas that are antithetical to the essential worldview of their movements.”

    Chazan was a member of Knesset with the left-wing Meretz Party between 1992 and 2003.


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