7 thoughts on “Israel, in Concession to Goldstone, Disciplines 2 Senior IDF Officers for ‘Endangering Human Life’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A point to take in consideration is that ‘disciplinary action’ is not even a trial in military court, but a hearing presided by one’s ranking officer. There are no lawyers, and the maximum penalty possible is five weeks in the brig. Furthermore, it is discretionary and the accused has the right to refuse the process. It’s totally ridiculous to have ‘disciplinary action’ for someone suspected of war crimes.

    It’s beyond ridiculous. They are probably doing it because they were given legal advice that they can present these joke hearings as an argument for preempting the seizure of international courts.

  2. While I do see the Israeli admission as a good sign, the skeptical side of me is still in control. After reading about the way in which Israel investigated its actions (done by IDF or those related to IDF, followed by a commission without the ability to recall witnesses), I have a difficult time believing that Israel is doing anything other than trying to squirm out of the international backlash.

    Furthermore, the UN would need to refer Israel to the ICC and there is little reason to believe that this would get through. US and Israeli pressure was able to table debate on the Goldstone Report. Even if the world sees Israel as skirting its responsibilities, precedent says that the UN will bend again and not refer it to the ICC.

  3. Out of all the incidents reported by NGO’s, soldiers, civilians and UN employees, this is all the could come up with? “Reprimands” for two officers? Hey, why is this a surprise?

    1. No doubt they are denying it because their report to the UN was a lie. Under scrutiny, it would not hold water. Every passing second, the IDF loses credibility.

  4. Anyone willing to bet that perhaps a ‘deal was cut’. Find good soldiers who would willingly will fall on their sword –to silence criticism and give the appearance of self examination..as once again the fox examines the hen house….forgive my cynicism…but seems a strong possibility.

  5. http://dover.idf.il/IDF/English/News/today/10/02/0102.htm

    That says more “investigations” are forth coming

    Approximately 500 Soldiers and Officers will be Investigated

    The investigatory committees are examining incidents which were the exception to the rule during Operation Cast Lead at the same time that the Military Police is investigating about 150 different claims of inappropriate behavior. In these incidents, allegedly, unsuitable behavior of IDF soldiers towards Palestinian civilians and property is being examined. 12 cases like these were mentioned in the Goldstone Report, and the majority of incidents were discovered during independent IDF operational investigations or on behalf of human rights organizations or private civilians. Approximately 500 soldiers and officers and close to 100 Palestinian civilians will be investigated by the Military Investigation Forces. As of now 36 criminal investigations are being executed.

    Waiting with baited breath:(

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