3 thoughts on “Malsin Agreed to Deportation Under Duress – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s just too strange, that after eight days of detention (and we have not been told just why the government saw fit to lock Malsin up, and under these particularly grueling conditions – what was the “security issue” here? Is criticizing Israel now a security breach?), a judge would simply accept a piece of paper with a signature on it, without verifying whether Malsin signed it or whether he was in his right mind to sign it….and where was his attorney? Why was there no court appearance and why was nothing put on the record? This is a democracy?

    I read another Haaretz article today, the subject of which was Israel’s refusal to renew work permits for NGO workers in the West Bank and Jerusalem. The workers are forced to apply for tourist visas to be able to remain in Israel, but of course they cannot legally work in Israel. This is what one NGO employee said had happened in Burma, also. It’s a way of getting rid of non-Israelis and a way to cut off international aid to the Palestinians.

    Perhaps Malsin’s debacle is reflective of a similar agenda where the purpose is to get rid of as many non-Israeli journalists as possible, especially if they happen to be critical of Israel.

  2. RE: “I urge Malsin to make a public statement as soon as possible to clarify what happened.” – R.S.
    MY COMMENT: I would be happy to make a modest donation to help fund a speaking tour.

  3. Maslin story remind me my attempt to go to the WB.
    During the so called Peace operation of Galilee, my uncle and his 4 children were killed, In 2006 Israel destroyed my family house.

    As French born Arab from Lebanese origins, i tried to travel to the West Bank, But after hours of interrogations, humiliation i was refused entry to Israel. Once they saw my name they started to ask me questions about my origins, parents etc.. then questions about Hezbollah which i refused to answer, then they started taking out all my belongings, they started checking every single thing and humiliating me, calling me “a Terrorist like all the others”. They called their victims terrorists, can you guys imagine this?

    I was allowed to call French embassy who told me that they understand but can do nothing to help me as i am not in detention.

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