13 thoughts on “EU to Recognize East Jerusalem as Palestinian Capital – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am praying that this is true. Not only will it break the death grip Israel has on European politics, but also possibly here in the US. It may be what Obama is hoping will happen.

    As for Avigdor Lieberman, I’m sure Richard’s translation is spot on!

  2. I have a tear in my eye. Not to get too ahead of things, of if any of this happens, it’s a beautiful start.

  3. notice they didnt recognize Western Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Perhaps all of Jerusalem is on the table

    1. That’s funny. Undoubtedly, they, the U.S. & every other country in the world would be delighted to recognize W. Jerusalem as Israel’s capital once Israel recognizes E. Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital. That’s a fair exchange I think. Are you prepared to make it?

      1. It has been a long-held idea that Jerusalem be shared, but as we know, there are plenty of people on both sides who are against it. Ironically, they’re not even religious and don’t care about the shared history of the city. Go figure.

      2. Not to doubt the sincerity of the Swedish plan, but do any definitions of “East Jerusalem” enter the picture? Since 1967 Israel has expanded the municipal borders of the city tens of times its original size eastward into the West Bank, in particular to make it contiguous with Maale Adumim. Since the annexation (and hence the enlargement) of East J’lem has been recognised by no one, am I right to assume the city’s internationally legal status, including its area, is still that of pre-67? And is this what the Swedes are talking about or is it East J’lem, as Israel understands it?

        1. Actually, as you may know, Jerusalem’s internationally legal status is still a corpus separatum as determined by the UN in 1947. Its de facto status is quite different from that obviously, but this remains its de jure status.

          1. The EU appears to define “East Jerusalem” as the areas occupied by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan from 1948-1967, although this is a bit of sleight-of-pen, in that it did not recognize that sovereign during that occupation, nor did any of its member states. So it’s a shorthand for “all but 1949 Israel’s Jerusalem, which we still don’t recognize as Israel’s.”

            I find it somewhat sinister because I think that the EU is trying to find a way to recognize sole Palestinian succession to the Mandate in all of Eretz Israel and Palestine as the sole sovereign there. One might pointedly ask the EU its position on the status of Latrun, or whether it thinks Israel has any borders or existence at all. To be consistent with the ’67 borders, the EU would have to claim Latrun and Emmaus for Palestine and then recognize a ’67 border for Israel westward of Jerusalem, one it has never accepted in Jerusalem.

          2. Your comment is mystifying. Jordan controlled all of what is now the West Bank & the EU certainly isn’t including that within “East Jerusalem.”

            Are you really seriously arguing that the EU is planning to recognize the Palestinians as sovereign in “all of Mandatory Eretz Israel and Palestine???” If so, I know you’ve taken leave of yr senses. But perhaps you’ve confused yrself & mean something less draconian than that. One can always hope you haven’t lost yr mind.

          3. Ah, I think the EU is going to at least push for Latrun, all of East Jerusalem, Palestine as sole sovereign over the Jewish Quarter, and a few nods to the ’47 borders before being willing to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In short, “nice capital you got here, wouldn’t want us to seize the assets of your entire state in our banks, would you? Or institute an airtight trade boycott?” I think that is totally consonant with the UK’s treatment of Palestinian-Jewish-held assets in the UK in 1950 and the EU’s attitude today. It will be particularly interesting to see the fate of Israeli-Palestinian Jerusalem-area villages such as Ein Kerem and Abu Ghosh, whether the EU wants them handed over to Palestine because of the non-recognition of Israeli Jerusalem, and how much more Catholic than the Pope the EU is willing to be.

            Again, you keep accusing me of being loopy when I am only following the implications of current policy to their natural conclusions. The EU believes Israel is Tel Aviv, or at most the ’47 borders, since it doesn’t recognize the ’48 border in Jerusalem. Why shouldn’t an Israeli with full knowledge of Europe’s tradition of extraterritoriality in Eretz Israel think they’re going to relieve Israel of East Jerusalem, the Jewish Quarter, West Jerusalem, Eretz Israel? American Colony, Greek Colony, German Colony, Russian Compound, and anything Jewish is unrecognized and only “Israeli” as long as it can be kept by force of arms.

          4. they’re going to relieve Israel of East Jerusalem, the Jewish Quarter, West Jerusalem, Eretz Israel?

            You used the term “loopy” to describe my view of yr thinking. I can only concur.

            American Colony, Greek Colony, German Colony, Russian Compound, and anything Jewish is unrecognized and only “Israeli” as long as it can be kept by force of arms

            Then you support eternal war. That’s good to know.

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