5 thoughts on “Help Build Abir’s Garden – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you Richard. This story reminds me of how the actions of the IDF and the Israeli government perpetuate the cycle of anger and hate between Israelis and Palestinians. There is no more potent fuel than the anger, rage, grief and bitterness resulting from the death of a child and the failure of Israel to bring her killer to justice. Every day, the Palestinians are reminded that they are not even human in the eyes of the occupiers. And what kind of a society allows its soldiers to harass and provoke school children this way?

  2. Richard,
    Please note that the Israeli High Court has yet to issue its ruling regarding the petition to reopen the investigation of this case. Although Nourit Peled’s writing described her deep distress in witnessing the court proceedings, according to Yesh Din, the judges did something very important. Instead of ruling on the same day (often the way the High Court proceeds) they asked the State to provide them with more information, ostensibly because the State’s evidence is so lax. A decision is expected any day now.

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