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  1. And this list does not even include Jewish terrorism in the United States, such as the activities of the JDL, including the murder by bomb of Alex Odeh in California. And what actually happened in the case of that guy in Florida who was planning out massacres at local mosques? Oddly, these types of things are never given the kind of serious attention given to even the silliest allegations against Muslims.

    1. And Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza strip are subjected to state terrorism committed by their occupiers every day. The Jewish State makes nightly raids in the West Bank, arresting Palestinians in the wee hours (not in the daylight, but under cover of darkness). During Operation Cast Lead IDF soldiers made forays into Arab neighborhoods, pounding on doors, smashing windows and bullying residents. The airspace over Gaza is daily filled with the sight and sounds of Israeli fighter planes and drones.

      Children are shot for throwing stones at soldiers and for getting too close to the separation wall. If this isn’t terrorism, I don’t know what you would call it.

      1. And do not forget Israel’s multiple daily violations of Lebanese territory on land and in the air, many of them clearly intended only to terrorize the Lebanese population.

          1. LOL! Typical silly Lebanese behaviour – and I say that with affection. Realizing there is absolutely no way they can disarm Hezballah they make it official policy to “allow” them to be armed. And the funniest part is that they seem to think no one sees through this.

          2. Lebanon’s army is no match for Israel. They need Hizbullah’s army. Hizbullah is another instance of an artificially created “terrorist organization.” Israel is very successful at persuading the world to designate all its enemies as terrorists.

          3. Mary, I will never forget that in 2006 while Israel was pounding the crap out of Lebanese cities, destroying schools, orphanages, and strafing columns of civilians whom they had ordered to evacuate their villages, members of the Lebanese military were serving tea and sitting down for nice chats with officers of the invading army. Lebanese “leaders” by and large are only out for themselves, and will do whatever it takes at any given moment to serve their own self-centered interests .

      1. It is an outrage that they know with some certainty who committed this clear act of terrorism, and yet no one has been prosecuted for it, nor will they ever be prosecuted.

        Even more outrageous is the clear double standard when it comes to charging Jews with terrorism or even hate crimes. For example, as I recall in the Florida case of Robert J. Goldstein authorities refused to charge him with either, despite the fact that they found in his home detailed plans for a deadly attack on a local “Islamic education center; fifteen or so bombs; the makings for 30 or so more bombs; 30-40 weapons, including a .50 caliber sniper rifle along with a number of semiautomatic weapons; and a list of fifty local mosques and Islamic centers. Needless to say if it had been a Muslim or an Arab, and the targets had been Jewish centers, he and his case would have been treated very, very differently indeed.

        1. It is almost as though it has gone beyond a double standard to the point where it is believed that Muslims cannot possibly be the targets of terrorism in the US; on the other hand, a mentally deranged army major who happens to be a Muslim goes berserk and kills 13 people, and the first thing thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the question of whether he is a member of al Qaeda.

          I imagine there was political pressure in the Goldstein case that quashed the terrorism charges.

    1. I would not go that far, but it certainly is correct to say that the Zionists introduced terrorism into the region, and pioneered a number of terror methods, including airplane hijacking, vehicle bombs, and letter and package bombs. It is also correct to say that Israel uses terrorist techniques to control the populations it holds under occupation.

      1. Don’t forget how they tried to kill Khalid Meshal by dropping poison into his ear, and how they use “targeted assassinations,” namely, air strikes which not only take out the intended victim but a lot of innocent bystanders. They also bomb the Gaza tunnels frequently, and the mosques while there are innocent worshippers inside.

  2. RE: “…useful compendium of Israeli Jewish terror…”

    ALSO SEE: “Alex Odeh, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”

    (excerpts) Alex Odeh (April 4, 1944 – October 11, 1985) was an Arab-American anti-discrimination activist who was killed in a bombing as he opened the door of his office at 1905 East 17th Street, Santa Ana, California. Odeh was west-coast regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)…Born into a Palestinian Christian family in Jifna, the West Bank, Odeh immigrated to the US in 1972.[1] He was a lecturer and poet who recently had published a volume of his poetry, Whispers in Exile.[2] The Boston office of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee suffered a bombing on August 16, 1985, injuring two officers.[3] The Santa Ana bombing came the day after the ending of the Achille Lauro incident where Jewish American Leon Klinghoffer was killed…

    …Four weeks after Odeh’s death, FBI spokesperson Lane Bonner stated the FBI attributed the bombing and two others to the JDL…In February 1986, the FBI classified the bombing that killed Alex Odeh as a terrorist act…Immediately after the 1985 assassination the FBI identified three suspects, all of them believed to be affiliated with the JDL, who fled to Israel. In 1987 it was revealed that Israel was hindering the FBI investigation. Floyd Clarke, then assistant director of the FBI, claimed in an internal memo that key suspects had fled to Israel and were living in the West Bank town of Kiryat Arba. In 1988, the FBI arrested Rochelle Manning as a suspect in a mail bombing which killed a secretary, Patricia Wilkerson, in Manhattan Beach, California. It also charged her husband, Robert Manning, who they considered a prime suspect in the Odeh bombing. Both were members of the JDL. Rochelle’s jury deadlocked, and after the mistrial she left for Israel to join her husband. Robert Manning was extradited from Israel to the U.S. in 1993.[4] He is serving a life sentence on that charge.[10]..
    …In 2007, the FBI revealed they had received information from a deceased informant, believed to be former Jewish Defense League member Earl Krugel who had been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for 2001 plots to bomb a Southern California mosque and office of an Arab American congressman. It is believed that Irv Rubin, who died in prison while awaiting trial on the same charges, revealed to Krugel the names of those responsible for Odeh’s death and Krugel shared those with the FBI before he, too, died in prison. The bombers are believed to be Manning and two individuals now living in Israel.[13]

    WIKIPEDIA SOURCE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Odeh

  3. Richard, there was also the case of this settler who crushed a boy’s head with the butt of his rifle. I don’t recall the details right now, but it can be easily Google-searched.

    Also, settler rampages should also be counted, no?

    Finally, Jewish terrorism wasn’t born with the state of Israel. I always make the point that the Palestinians must be compared to what the Jews did when they didn’t have a state. And when the Jews didn’t have a state, they blew up markets, hotels and movie theaters. I published a few newspaper clippings from those years with the horrifying details here and here.

    1. Yes, indeed. Settler rampages should certainly be counted. As I mentioned this is a list that Ori Nir of Peace Now prepared off the top of his head without doing a lot of research. It is not meant to be exhaustive. But by all means pls. add any incidents that are omitted which involve attacks on Palestinian civilians by Israeli non-military forces.

      I have a long essay I wrote for the London Review of Books which they never published (a story for another time) on the subject of pre-state violence and post-1948 violence in Zionist history. I’ve been meaning to publish it here since it appears unlikely any other publication will be interested in publishing a 3,000 word essay.

        1. It is up to us, I think, to get that kind of information out there, because the mainstream media certainly isn’t doing it. I just read another NY Times editorial criticizing Obama’s diplomacy blunders. It said that Obama had demanded, among other things, that “Palestinians crack down on anti-Israel violence.” It crossed my mind that nothing was mentioned as to Israel cracking down on anti-Palestinian violence. Palestinians experience terrorism on a daily basis, but this goes largely unmentioned in the news.

      1. 2001: Settlers from a self-styled Road Safety Group killed Mohammed Salameh Etnizi, 22, Mohammed Hilmy Etnizi, 20, and three-month-old Wael Etnizi in a drive-by shooting in the village of Idna, west of Hebron. The car with the attackers ran an army roadblock and escaped into Israel.

      2. Sorry; the incident “2005: Settlers stabbed a 12-year-old boy to death after ambushing him near his home at Qaryot village outside the Palestinian-ruled city of Nablus. He was stabbed 11 times, medics said” that I quoted above seems to have been inaccurately reported. Further investigation suggested it was his cousin who stabbed him.

        It’s important not to make mistakes in these lists, because Israel apologists will seize on them to cast doubt on all of the incidents.

        A confirmed one:

        2004: A Jewish settler fatally shot a Palestinian taxi driver on a road outside the city of Nablus.

    1. According to the Israelis, the USS Liberty was an accident.

      And they claim they didn’t participate in the Shabra and Shatila massacre, although they facilitated the killing by providing the Phalangists with floodlights so that they could slaughter the people in the dark. One of Ariel Sharon’s proud moments.

        1. The attack on the USS Liberty just doesn’t fit the definition of terrorism. The objective of the attack was not to use violence or threats of violence against civilians in order to bring about political change. The Israeli military attacked a target that was essentially military with the apparent objective of stopping its intelligence gathering activities.

          Bush and others who say 9/11 was an act of war are quite simply wrong. Acts of war are committed by states against states, not by tiny groups of fanatic wack jobs from several different countries acting on behalf of their own grievances and/or ideologies. Declaring 9/11 an act of war was a politically convenient misrepresentation. 9/11 was a crime committed by a gang of criminals, not an act of war. It was also an act of terrorism.

          1. Shirin, as you know, the definition of the word “terrorism” has become so blurred and so manipulated that it has been used to describe everything from mass shootings by berserk mental cases to armed resistance by groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas. It is a politicized word whose meaning changes with the wind.

            Bush wanted 9/11 to be an act of war so that he could launch his “war on terror” followed by his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Traditionally, acts of war were committed by states against each other; that just isn’t true anymore. Semantics has played a big part in the international discourse.

            Terrorist acts are, simply, meant to instill terror in the general population as well as in the government structure. The nature of terrorism is to attack the innocent, the unsuspecting and the defenseless. States can and do engage in terrorism, as we know. I can think of a couple of them right off the top of my head.

            The US called the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut 25 years ago a terrorist attack, although it was an attack on a military installation. Was it indeed a terrorist act, or was it an act of war?

          2. The word terrorism has specific legal definitions, which are generally pretty consistent. When we accept others’ propagandistic and/or sloppy and overly broad use of words and terms such as terrorism (and rape, and anti-Semitism, and racism) we are acquiescing to their dishonest and destructive agendas. I, for one refuse to do this, and in my opinion so should we all. Therefore, I simply do not accept its usage to cover “everything from mass shootings by berserk mental cases to armed resistance by groups such as Hizbullah and Hamas”, nor do I believe its actual meaning “changes with the wind”.

            Here is how terrorism is defined in U.S. Code Title 22, Ch.38, Para. 2656f(d) as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents usually intended to influence an audience.”

            The U.S. Department of Defense Dictionary defines terrorism as “The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.

            The fact that its usage by politicians, ideologues, and propagandists, and parroted by media talking heads bears little resemblance to these definitions does not alter the real meaning of the word.

            The attack on the USS Liberty does not fit any part of any legitimate definition of terrorism that I have ever seen.

            An act of war is defined as “an act of aggression by a country against another with which it is nominally at peace.

            War is defined as “a contest between two or more independent nations carried on by authority of their respective governments.

            The 9/11 attacks do not fit any part of those definitions, but they do fit the definitions of terrorism very well.

            The fact that words are deceptively used for political or propagandistic purposes, or that language can be sloppily used does not oblige us to join in. On the contrary, it obliges us to do the exact opposite.

          3. Here is the legal definition of act of war:

            an action by one country against another with an intention to provoke a war or an action that occurs during a declared war or armed conflict between military forces of any origin. The loss or damage caused due to such conflicts are excluded from insurance coverage except for life assurances.

            As you can see, regardless of what George Bush claims, 9/11 does not fit at all.

      1. Thank you Richard, I totally agree. I don’t believe anyone had prior knowledge of anything. Prior stupidity and willful ignorance, yes; knowledge, no. 9/11 will always remain fodder for conspiracy theorists.

      2. I agree that the various conspiracy theories suggesting that Israel had prior knowledge or even was in on it, or possibly even more absurdly that the whole thing was plotted and executed by the GWB administration do not hold water. On the other hand Netanyahu’s public comments that 9/11 was “very good for Israel” certainly help feed the conspiracists (did I just make up a new word?), though in my mind what those remarks really do is tell us everything we need to know about Netanyahu and his ilk.

        1. Shirin, you read my mind. I was just thinking that whether Netanyahu’s remarks were taken out of context or not, they’re reprehensible. The sad thing is that the Israeli people don’t realize what a liability Netanyahu really is.

          The anti-semitic conspiracy nuts really went to town after that. It’s an interesting example of how Zionism feeds anti-Semitism.

        2. Yes, someone I know who made aliyah, said after 9/11 that this event would finally allow Americans to know what it’s like to be an Israeli & would finally bring America fully to Israel’s side. I said to myself chas v’halila (God forbid), but didn’t say that to him.

  4. How does one define acts by a nation’s government that are covert, and intended to destabilize other political entities, which may or may not be nation-states? Acts which often result in terrorizing populations, with that result being intended.

    1. Those acts should be defined as violations of international law, I would think.

      The CIA has committed such acts many times, all over the world.

  5. If Jews/Israelis need to do any breast-beating in this department it is that Israel does not value the lives of it’s own citizens enough to deal with terror with a heavy hand. Instead of the revolving door policy of releasing prisoners sentenced to multiple life sentences in exchanges, terrorists convincted of heinous crimes, serial murders of innocents should be uniquely given a public death sentence.

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