13 thoughts on “Goldberg Confirms His Own Irrelevance – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In a few months from now, Goldberg will be sooo last century. He was always a windbag to begin with.

    Never understood what some people, even some liberal Jews, saw in him. To describe this conference as ‘clownesque’ is really what a third rate two bit neocon blogger would do. Bweurk!

  2. Don’t you run the danger with this line of reasoning, Richard, whereby one must be present at an event to be able to comment on it, that you ought not comment on Israel? It seems to me there are ways of be informed besides being present.

    As for how significant any particular voice is or isn’t, you’d probably have to give an indication of the parameters you’re using to measure it.

    1. I’ve pointed out in the post how Goldberg distorted the truth of what actually was said at the conference panels. This happened partly because he relied on 2nd hand reports & partly because of his own ideological biases. If he was interested in attacking the conference he should have attended as other critics did. We invited him, he declined.

  3. Exactly how have you compared Israel and Iran to conclude that “Israel has more to answer”? So called “international bodies” have automatic majority against Israel, and in fact all they discuss is just Israel! They never discuss the horrible executions and oppressions taking place DAILY in Iran and other member countries of the Arab League. I would suggest you to experience the difference between Israel and her neighbors first-hand, before making such comparisons. But you probably won’t. You prefer to compare the incomparable.

    “Israel has started two horrific wars in the past three years killing thousands, including many civilians, in two different countries.” – Israel has only responded to unprovoked attacks, after a great restraint. Is this called to “start a war” in the new Jewish jargon?

    Mr. Silverstein, you distort the reality and do a great service to the enemy. In case you have forgotten – there still exists such thing . The enemy which has tried to obliterate Israel several times, and now it is trying again.

      1. * Israel army has the highest moral standards – this is an objective fact.
        * I know that Israel is not pure. I live there for many years, and, by the way, being an atheist, have no problem with the rabbis whatsoever. But compare it to any other Arab or Muslim country (not Western, because the conditions are not the same) – and you’ll understand the difference. Or maybe you are just **afraid** to make such a comparison?
        * My anger with the Arabs has gradually built up. How do you explain that the Arabs rejected every proposal Israel has offered, right from the start? Including the 1999 Barak offer? They publicly declare that they “come to negotiate the borders of 67”. They refuse to acknowledge the 3000 year-old Jewish history, including the existence of the Temple at Haram-al-Sharif. And they raise their children in hatred, teaching them that no such country as Israel exists (see e.g. MEMRI and PMW). They don’t want any peace, and these days one should try very hard not to see it.
        * Fear is a survival treat. Those who lack it don’t end up very well. I feel sorry for all those European Jews who couldn’t see the Holocaust coming.

        1. Blah, blah, blah. You convince no one but yrself of yr own racist, Islamophobic ideas. You’re really wasting yr time. No one here is going to pay yr ideas the least attention since they don’t deserve any. We’ve already discussed virtually every argument you mention above & refuted all of them. There’s simply no pt in wasting time or energy addressing them. If you Google any of the keywords you use you’ll find past threads that addresses all of yr red herring arguments.

          This is not a debating society in which you propound yr propagandistic ideas & we go back & forth. If you want such a venue you can find them other places. This blog is meant for serious discussion of the issues. Your ideas are pro-Israel, Islamophobic propaganda. They won’t be addressed (as they already have been in earlier threads multiple times).

          1. You’re very quick to label one’s ideas by such stereotypes.
            You have not addressed any of my “propagandistic” claims in a manner which would fit a “serious discussion”, so it’s really no point to continue. And your laughable “Comment Rules” preclude a possibility of such a discussion anyway.

            For your information: I am always ready to change my mind if sufficient evidence is available. But when I get a response like yours, I very much doubt that the answers you claim to have on your site exist at all, or at least are of sufficient quality.

            This is not a very clever way to convince people.

          2. I’ve addressed every single issue you raised because hasbarists have preceded you here & published precisely the same arguments & I’m not going to repeat myself. That’s a waste of my time.

            Insulting my comment rules is itself a violation of them. You’re skating on very thin ice & could fall through at any moment.

            You are not ready to change yr mind. Yr mind is made up & the propaganda that you advance as truth (but which is anything but) clearly indicates that.

            As for whether the threads exist on this site, it’s rich that you’ve doubted that they do w/o even attempting to verify it.

            I have absolutely no desire to convince you of anything. But I do have thousands of readers who find what I write sufficiently persuasive that they read & subscribe. Thankfully, they haven’t been hijacked by hasbara rhetoric as you have.

            The issue of whether or not there is a Palestinian or Israeli people will not be debated here by anyone fr. the right or left. Period.

          3. In fact I have Googled your site but it didn’t help much. Do you seriously expect people to read through hundreds of pages in order to find that single thing which you claim exists? You could save your time and mine by just posting a link to a previous thread. Or publish a special “REFUTTALS OF THE HASBARA PROPAGANDA” with addition to your Comment Rules.

            Making up one’s mind doesn’t mean he/she is not ready to change it. But you just missed that opportunity. I have genuinely attempted a discussion but you are not interested.

            Don’t bother to ban me because this will be my last post here anyway.

            May you continue to enjoy the comments you like. But beware: hasbara may hijack those readers as well.

          4. Do you seriously expect people to read through hundreds of pages in order to find that single thing which you claim exists?

            Now that’s rich. I’ve written over 2,000 posts & prob. 5,000 comments in which I’ve addresed all your hasbara arguments and you say I CLAIM that I”ve done so? You think you’re the first reader who’s ever raised these issues here? Really, that’s rich. And you can’t be bothered to use Google search keywords for those arguments to try to find the comment threads in which they’ve been addressed? And you think I have a special obligation to you to find those threads for you? Think again.

            beware: hasbara may hijack those readers as well.

            My, my, you’re going to steal readers away fr. me with the acute powers of your hasbarist persuasion. I can feel them beating a path to the exits as they read yr words they’re so…powerful.

  4. Rabbis aren’t in charge of Israel. Mullahs are in charge of Iran. This is a fact that probably does seem relevant to most people, though not to Hillary Mann Leverett.

    Is he making the “Mad Mullah” argument?

    To be honest, that always amused me. These are the same religious and political leaders that sold the Embassy hostages back to the US for the opportunity to buy American weaponry in secret, even after the hostages became a major propaganda victory in Iran. Many of them, particularly Rafsanjani, are corrupt pragmatists to the very core.

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