9 thoughts on “Israel-Palestine Blogger Session at J Street Conference – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hey, Richard, would you please post a link to where I or Jamie have done what you accuse us of doing? Or is this another example in your legendary fastidiousness and attention to detail? Great job, you obviously have been paying zero attention.

    1. You have consistently smeared J St. in yr reporting for Commentary. That’s why I included you in that list. I don’t mind you criticizing J St. I do it myself fr. a different political angle. But what I DO mind is using smears, lies & distortions in yr attack. When I attack J St. I am specific about what I’m criticizing. I don’t grandstand or sloganeer like all of your smearmeisters do against J St.

  2. I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it to the conference, but as of yesterday, I am indeed coming! I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people — maybe especially including those on this panel. 🙂 I’ll be the pregnant one in the rainbow kippah.

    When/where is the blogger session happening?

  3. Healey’s poetry on close inspection seems quite hateful and offensive – and that certainly does not help the ‘peace movement’. Be that as it may, freedom of speech is freedom of speech and everyone’s opinion should be heard, as long as it does not promote any violence.

    The real purpose of ‘Jstreet” is in question. In trying to learn more about them, I sent them a letter with several questions that I sincerely hope they will attempt to answer. Here is the letter:

    Comments posted on the “Jstreet.org” website on October 20, 2009

    The life story of Muhammad, the founder of Islam and the author of the Koran, is nowhere to be found in the American main stream media. Jewish-Americans and Christian-Americans alike are ignorant of the facts.

    How can peace be achieved with a people and a belief system that most of us do not understand? Islam is a radical belief system that forbids anyone from telling the truth about its founder.

    What is the real story behind the claim that Muhammad flew in a dream on a unicorn to Jerusalem? And, perhaps more importantly, why should we take that seriously enough to sacrifice the lives of thousands of innocents? Why should world wars revolve around this issue?

    Who was in Israel first? Was it the Jews or the Arabs? Is there no place for the Arabs that migrated to Palestine in the rest of the Arab world? Do the Palestinians really want peace – or are they just an excuse for Muslim pursuit of entire world domination?

    Please tell us your position on this very important matter.

    Thank you.

    1. Poor Allyson Rowen Taylor, one the major smearmeisters of the Jewish pro-Israel right. To what do we owe this slumming honor? You must’ve missed my post about this story from last night, Allyson. Go & read it & then we can talk. J Street isn’t “dissing” me. In fact, they’re honoring us by giving us that room. I don’t want to be an official part of the J Street program since I actually don’t always agree with everything they do or say (nor do they agree with everything I do or say).

      But nice try, Allyson. I hear Jimmy Carter’s coming out w. another book on Israel-Palestine for you to review at Amazon, where you last called him an “Islamofacsist.” Maybe you ought to scurry over there quick and serve yr role as the Uber Zionist thought police.

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