15 thoughts on “Frank and Filner Refuse to Sign Aipac Letter – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “Aipac’s capo di tutti in the House appear to be Steny Hoyer and Eric Cantor”

    MY COMMENT: That’s so harsh! (LOL)

  2. Richard, you’ve fallen hook, line, and sinker for Obama. Moses long ago warned us against worshiping ‘other gods, bowing down to them….’ Obama is neither a god, nor a saint. He is a false idol that exists in your imagination. As he has shown in every other instance, he will turn his back on his promises to you because he is in the employ of the ruling elite, which includes Aipac. Don’t cry when you wake up.

  3. Could it be that the international community has finally accepted that an AIPAC-run United States is not a democratic way of running the country or the world.

    Could it be that the international community has decided that there is a partner for peace in the Middle East but that it is not Israel.

    Could it be that the international community has woken up to the fact that it could be on the verge of a nuclear war in the region that would quickly spread to Europe and the world.

    Could it be that the international community now sees clearly the futility of its previous position in allowing a group of foreign politicians with American connections to dictate to the rest of the world.

    After many decades, five presidents, thousands of innocents killed, murdered or liquidated by US supplied cluster bombs, missiles, tanks and fighter bombers – we now have an administration that is strong enough not to be bought or sold by a political lobby with vested interests.

    Charles Vaird

    1. More likely due to suicide than anything else. The Israeli lobby and their Likud/Zionist allies put the revolver to their own heads and emptied all six chambers into their brain stems.

      They say the world changed on 9-11. The world undoubtedly changed for the worse for the above fools on 19 March 2003. Had they any brains at all they would have realized the enterprises they had in mind could have ended no other way.

      The stupendous 60 failure of crushing a captive population should have told them something. Come to think of it, it should have told Bush and co something too, But then what could anyone expect from the stupidest man in the universe.

    2. I like what Charles Vaird says here but I agree with Gene Schulman.
      I almost throw up to listen to Obama talk about Palestinian violence after Israel’s latest attack on the Gazan’s. The reasons for the attack itself was a BIG LIE just like the 2006 attack on Hizbolla. It’s these blatent lies that turned me against Isramerica and the fact that Obama is following in Bush Jr’s footprints (following the path of lies) just disheartens me. I voted for Obama just because I didn’t have Ron Paul in the primary to vote for. He would have been our man. Two states will never happen either. If Obama was sincere he would be talking about one state, that of Palestine. Not because I think only Arabs should be there or a ruling party. No, I think that everyone should be there in a democratic state togeather. Why call it Palestine? Because IT IS Palestine. Jews should return to their countries if they like or stay in Palestine if they like. It can’t be like Iran, run by a bunch of mullahs, Palestinian Arabs don’t like that anyway. They like to be free and happy, like everyone else. A party like Hamas would not have power. I should be able to move there if I want and become a citizen if I want. Me, neither European Jew nor Arab.

        1. “Jews should return to their countries”
          Israel is our country! A one state Palestine solution is a one sided solution, with complete disreguard to an entire community, nation, and people.
          Ignorance really is bliss.

  4. I hope more members of congress will follow.

    Does President Obama really expect Israel’s compliance with his demands re the settlements or is he counting on Israel’s resistance which would allow him to create distance with this troublesome ally. It is distance he needs when Israel takes ‘pre-emptive’ action against Iran and wants to draw the US into the fray. Israel’s demands can then be met with the cold aloofness that its earlier obstinacy has created in a way that seems fully justified.

  5. Yeah, Obama obviously expects Israel to comply with his demand that they abide by their agreements and official understandings regarding settlements and 2 states.

  6. To the extent that Obama opposes some aspects of Israel’s agenda, the purpose seems to be to make it easier to carry out plans for continued wars in Iraq and AFPAC.

    Obama is anything but a good guy on these matters and his disagreements with Israel are strictly tactical.

  7. Perhaps the phrase ‘his disagreements with Israel’ is the equivalent for ‘his concern with America’s national interest’. The last thing the US needs now, so it seems to me, is getting embroiled in a war with Iran. As if Iraq, Afghanistan and now North Korea are not causing already enough of a headache.

    Secretary Gates said recently he feared a pre-emptive strike on Iran as much as the prospect of that country getting a nuclear weapon.

    Trita Parsi has argued that it is not in Iran’s interest to acquire that. Its size and population give it a ‘natural weight’ in the region which would disappear if an arms race would even provide tiny Kuwait with this weapon and make it in that sense the equal of Iran.

    For the great article. We need to sign a petition supporting this two great congressmen as well as supporting president’s leader ship and Mrs Clinton’s efforts for the peace and two state solution.

    With Best wishes.

  9. Another war now will probably drive the US and the global economy into an economic depression far worse than the one we are experiencing now. A war with Iran makes that a dead certainty.

    The last 8 years have demonstrated that state adventurism in a time of diminishing natural resources and global warming whatever its causes & effects is a deadly policy for any aggressor checkmated by nuclear weaponry.

    Decisive wars ended on 6 Aug 1945, which has given rise to more ancient norms of warfare made more lethal with modern science & technologies. The terrorist with a nuke scenario. It’s an age where total war is obsolete, but characterized by eternal conflict and no peace.

    Obama & co. are merely trying to end run that state of affairs by resurrecting the multi-lateral world order the previous fools destroyed. Sensible people would wish the man all the luck in the world.

  10. Tell Frank and Filner “CONGRATULATIONS!”
    Barney Frank, 29 Crafts Street, Newton, MA 02458-1275, 617-332-3920.
    Bob Filner, 333 F St., Chula Vista, CA 91910-2669, 619-422-5963.
    Tell them “Now follow through to achieve lasting peace: Introduce an appropriation of four billion dollars, by which the United States offers to pay for the expense of moving the ‘settlers’ into Israel proper.”

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