5 thoughts on “New Profile Threat to Israeli Militarist Consensus – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “…Given the importance of military service to Israel both from a security stand point as well as for social cohesion, any organized effort to resist such conformity would be seen in the most severe light by hardline security hawks…”

    FROM THE POST: “Einstein’s Ghost”, by NellaSelim @ DailyKos, 05/28/09

    (EXCERPT)…Einstein began speaking out against a nuclear arms race and opposed the development of the hydrogen bomb. After the Soviet Union exploded their own atomic bomb in 1949, Einstein spoke these words:

    “I believe America may totally succumb to the fearful militarization which engulfed Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. There is real danger that political power and the power to influence the minds of people will pass increasingly into the hands of the military, which is used to approaching all political problems from the point of view of military expediency. Because of America’s supremacy, the military point of view is forced upon the world.”

    and even more foreboding words:

    “In all countries power lies in the hands of ambitious power-hungry men. This is true whether the political system is dictatorial or democratic. Power relies not only on coercion, but on subtle persuasion and deception through the educational system and the media of public information. One can only hope there are enough people the world over who possess the integrity to resist these evil influences. What is important is that individuals have the honesty and courage to stand up for their convictions.”

    ENTIRE POST – http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/5/28/736090/-Einsteins-Ghost-

  2. Eurosabra, who was a frequent commentator up until recently, didn’t seem to understand when I suggested that the collision of social forces within Israeli society likely would result in sufficient conflict to “implode” the country. Social and economic inequality, affecting Jewish as well as non-Jewish citizens, and resistance to the militarization of the state, as well as the current economic ‘melt-down,’ were the social forces to which I referred. Leading me now to the unworthy but none-the-less satisfying thought: See! I told you so.

    Rather than seeing Israel disappear, I would prefer to have it continue with the strength that comes from equality of rights for all inhabitants, which can only happen if the same equality of rights exists for the inhabitants of the Occupied Territories of Palestine.

  3. I worked in South Africa in 1991, right as the apartheid regime was cracking. One of the features of the moment was the lengths that young white people, especially but not only English-speaking ones, would go to in order to avoid serving in the SADF. It wasn’t always expressed in ostensibly political ways — lots adopted a sort of hippie culture reminiscent of San Francisco in the 60s — but they were not going to let themselves be drafted, even if they had to leave the country.

  4. Just came upon this post. Thanks a lot.

    I just wanted to make two factual corrections (being one of the people detained) – first of all, so far as we know, at least, the Shin Bet was not involved in the whole thing. It was the Israel police (more precisely, the Military Attorney General approached the civilian Attorney General, who instructed the police to investigate us for “incitement to dodge conscription”). But it’s a regular criminal investigation.

    Secondly, and importantly, New Profile does not have a leadership. We’re a non-hierarchical movement, and the police didn’t seem to know much about who’s active and who’s not either… So the upshot is that New Profile is going on better than ever.

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