4 thoughts on “Woodside Colludes With Jobs to Destroy Jackling House – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    MY COMMENT: Interesting post. Thanks!

  2. It’s amazing. One would have thought this impossible after LBJ’s historic preservation act passed in the 1960’s.
    The house George Washington lived in as President (in NYC) lasted until 1932 when developers tore it down.
    I thought we were better than that now.

  3. I’m all for historical preservation, but the historical significance of this house is grossly overblown, court rulings notwithstanding. It’s an ostentatious and oversized house by a second-tier architect. We’re not talking Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, or even Bernard Maybeck, if you want to get provincial. And Daniel Jackling is not an Orville Wright or George Washington. He’s not even a George Hearst. Furthermore, Mr. Job’s and the Town of Woodside’s interests in this instance are one and the same. The town plan calls for smaller and more energy-efficient houses. Given Mr. Jobs’s outsized ego, the likelihood is high that he will build a better and more “historically significant” house than Mr. Jackling did. And ninety years on, that can be torn down, too.

    1. He’s not even a George Hearst.

      Who was George Hearst? You mean William Randolph Hearst don’t you? And since you don’t know CA. historical figures why should we trust that you would know a first tier Calif. architect from a 2nd tier. Besides, anyone who calls George Washington Smith second tier either hasn’t visited the wonders of Santa Barbara or doesn’t know s(&t from shinola. Which is it with you?

      Given Mr. Jobs’s outsized ego, the likelihood is high that he will build a better and more “historically significant” house

      If an outsized ego were all that were required to build a “historically significant” house then Beverly Hills would be the sine qua non of historically significant houses. Take a drive down Rodeo Drive & tell me what you see then we can talk about what types of building outsized egos build.

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