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  1. PIPESIANS: Islamists have launched a two-pronged effort to suppress free discourse on such subjects as Islam, radical Islam, terrorism, and terrorist funding…By passing “hate speech” and defamation laws

    A RELATED ARTICLE – “Unintended Consequences” – By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, 05/12/09

    (EXCERPT)…Since the passage of the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act in 2004, the US Department of State is required to monitor anti-semitism world wide. The State Department is not required to monitor anti-Americanism or sentiments against Christians, Muslims or Arabs. Thus, the act created a specially protected class worthy of careful monitoring by the US Department of State of negative sentiments expressed against Jews.

    In order to monitor anti-semitism, the term must be defined. The definition is subjective and will be widely, rather than narrowly, interpreted. The State Department has come up with its attempt. The State Department’s approach could include any truthful statements about Israel and its behavior toward the Palestinians that the Israeli government or AIPAC or the Anti-Defamation League would deny or contest.

    Anti-semitic speech can be interpreted as inciting hatred. Inciting hatred can be interpreted to be a violent act. “Excessive” criticism of Israel is a subjective, undefinable concept that can be used to determine anti-semitic speech. It is easy to conflate “excessive” with “strong.” Thus, demands that Israel be held accountable for war crimes committed in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, or elsewhere become acts of the hate crime of anti-semitism.

    (Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.)

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts05122009.html

  2. There is Islamo fascism in the world. The Taliban for example, are NOT kind and wise governors.

    To oppose Islamo-fascism is not an ethical problem in my book.

    The problem is to identify it, and to do so without ANY implication of harming the baby with the bathwater, is needed.

    There are two errors. Both are errors of assuming that all Muslims are …., or even that a society comprised of Muslims identifying as Muslims is …..

    The first error is to assume that all Muslims are terrorists, untrustable. The second is to assume that all Muslims are benevolent.

    Muslims are human beings, deserving of a predisposition of respect, confirmed or negated by individual and collective behavior. And, as human beings, they are motivated by their private concerns, sometimes in harmony with the greater good and synnergistic to relations to others, sometimes skew to the greater good and neutral to relations to others, sometimes in conflict with the greater good and harming to others.

    1. There is Islamo fascism in the world.

      There IS Jewish fascism in the world as well. Why the obsession with Islamo-fascism but not Jewish fascism? You are aware are you not Richard that “Islamo-fascism,” while an insulting & meaningless slur, is an invention of the Jewish neocon right? I hate this term, Richard. Don’t use it again here.

  3. I dare not say anything about Pipes. The last time I said something about Popes, he threatened to sue me and the newspaper I had written for.

    After noting our “apology” on one of his blogs, Pipes suggested the incident “should send a signal to responsible media everywhere to decline his tendentious writings”.

    Since then, I continue to be published all over the place. Now what I need is for Ayatollah Daniel to issue a fatwa against my book …

  4. Islamo fascism is a construct..a FICTION…but what is NOT fiction is zionist fascism…much has been written (and forgotten) about this long history and Jabotinsky’s fondness for Mussolini’s brown shirts..read about the rise of the Zionist right..Ze’ev Jabotinsky…the extremist Kach who are present in Lieberman’s Beitenu extremist fundamentalist rightwingers all…and Pipes is merely a foil for it all!

    HYPOCRITES!! thy name is PROJECTION…pure-dee classic example of pyschotic PROJECTION….truly UNBELIEVEABLE..
    Ripley (of believe it or not fame) …would never believe this…too far-out fictional and bloody crazy…but the bigger the lie the more likely it will be picked up and presented as fact on Fox noose.?

    1. Lord, you must be kidding. You attempt to publish this trollish comment & then wonder why I haven’t bothered to publish it?? You certainly have a lot of chutzpah. So here’s your comment & then my reply follows:

      How awful for a Jew writing for a magazine called “Tikun Olam” and supposedly dedicated to “making the world a better place” to refer to a fellow Jew as “swine”. And then to tell a writer “they better not do that again” in a threatening manner. Neither of those have anything to do with true respect for one’s fellow beings or repairing the world. For shame!

      First, I am not Tikkun Magazine, with which you are confusing me. Tikun Olam is a blog, not a magazine.

      Right wing swine have called me far worse than “swine” including calling for my beheading, genital mutilation, etc. I’m puzzled why you express no sympathy for me, while you express sympathy for an individual who admits that she called an ordained Orthodox rabbi a “kapo.” It seems to me you have your priorities screwed up.

      Could you please tell us what you or Rachel Neuwirth have done to express sympathy for anyone other than settlers and right-wing pro Israel nationalists? And what specifically have you or she done to repair the world? Not just the right wing settler world, but the entire world. I’ll be waiting patiently for your answer.

      I don’t publish trollish comments. So if you reply in the same manner as you have already then you’ll have no guarantee to see your comment published. But if on the other hand you have something of substance or value to say, pls. do write a comment. I won’t hold my breath though.

  5. Zionists have been preaching ‘Islamophobia’ all over the West for the benefit of Zionist regime in occupied Palestine.

    Italian Sandro’s whining of Pope’s visit to the Middle East as a “friendly” gesture towards 1.7 billion-strong world Muslim population – is nothing but another Zionist propaganda crap. Pope Benedict XVI’s visit was nothing but a PR drama for the Zionist state of Israel……


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