10 thoughts on “Israel Project, Bought and Paid For by Israeli Government – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Most of the times she is listed online as “Laura Kam” are related directly or indirectly to her work for the Israel Project. I found her listed as “Laura Kam Issacharoff” several times, including the Jewish Chronicle site. The fact her bio at the TIP site doesn’t mention that she’s married to Issacharoff indicates dissembling to me.

  1. This is one of the very many projects the Israelis are funding. Another one which is very recent and uptodate is UnitedAgainstNuclearIran http://www.unitedagainstnucleariran.com/ where they go so far as to bring Iran’s economy to its knees by trying to contact and dissuade every single business entity that deals with Iran.

    These are the same people who go on to say how people are being anti-Semitic when they promote divestment from Israel.

  2. Richard, I don’t know how or where you dig up all this info, but I commend you for it. Without your diligence, there’s a lot of stuff out there we wouldn’t be aware of. Keep it up.

    BTW, did you see the latest rant by David Harris (AJC) about Ahmadinejad’s Durban II speech? Pure hypocrisy.

  3. I looked at the Form 990s at guidestar.

    Here is one: http://www.guidestar.org/FinDocuments/2007/371/472/2007-371472882-03e0e060-9.pdf .

    The Israel Project seems to be run by the same Newton Jew clique that pays for the David Project and similar sorts of activities.

    Newton Jew is an “affectionate term” for local Boston area extremist Zionists even when they don’t live in Newton.

    It is mostly used by Jews.

    My blog entry discussing Newton Jews is Money Jews, Brain Jews, Politics.

  4. *RE: “So when you read anything from the [Israel] Project advocating a military solution to the Iran issue, know that this propaganda comes to you courtesy of the hasbara machine of the Israeli government, despite any disclaimers to the contrary…”

    *MY COMMENT: Unfortunately, both of my U.S. Senators are Republicans. One of them, Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), has been on the ‘Board of Advisors’ for the right-wing ‘Israel Project’ since shortly after he was first elected to the Senate in 2002 (defeating the incumbent Democrat, Max Cleland).

    *SEE “Focus Grouping War with Iran” by Laura Rozen, 11/19/07

    *EXCERPT: …Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, the founder and president of the Israel Project, contacted Mother Jones and said that her group had commissioned the focus group and that it was designed by Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm. The Israel Project is a nonprofit group that supports Israel and conducts extensive polling on American public attitudes toward Israel and the Middle East. Its board of advisers includes 15 Democratic and Republican members of the House and the Senate, plus actor Ron Silver.

    Mizrahi says that her group and Freedom’s Watch share a common interest in “thwarting the threat of Islamic extremism” and in “dealing with the threat of Iran.” But Freedom’s Watch “in no way is directing our work, and it’s not funding our work.” She pointed out that the Israel Project is not “involved with Iraq,” a major concern of Freedom’s Watch. But the two outfits, she said, “shared information” produced by this focus group. …[snip]

    …”Of all the focus groups I’ve ever been to,” Sonnenmark wrote in a subsequent email to a group of fellow volunteers for the 2006 Senate campaign of Jim Webb, “I’ve never seen a moderator who was so persistent in manipulating and leading the participants.” (Webb is lead author of a Senate letter warning President Bush not to attack Iran without congressional approval; see here and here.)) The gist of the event was “anti-Iranian,” says Sonnenmark…

    ….Sonnenmark left the session wondering if foreign policy hawks would soon be pushing publicly for military action against Iran using language that had been tested on her. But, she says, “It is not going to be so easy this time around.”

    *ENTIRE ROSEN ARTICLE – http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2007/11/focus-grouping-war-iran

  5. The head of the Israel Prokect is one Jennifer Lazlo Mizrachi, the former wife of Jonathan Kessler who runs AIPAC’s very rightwing college prohrams and has done so for 25 years (including during their marriage when she was very much an AIPAC presence).

    It’s all in the family, Archie. AIPAC, Embassy, Harman, the whole gang.

  6. You are so right about Laura Kam, Richard….
    She looks like a compulsive liar and manipulator…
    This kind of people don’t do any good to Israel and to the world.

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