5 thoughts on “Obama to Invite Abbas, Mubarak and Netanyahu for Separate Talks – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Well, Palestinians could start by removing all their obnoxious settlements and disruptive roadblocks inside Israel that so blight the everyday lives of ordinary Israelis. Of course Israelis might not have noticed these because THERE AREN’T ANY.
      Maybe Palestinians could demonstrate their good will by saying thank you for being allowed to travel to work or school or for being presented with the bills for having their homes demolished. They could say thank you for being allowed to rebuild their shattered communities in Gaza. Assuming, of course, that they are ever allowed to rebuild their shatter communities in Gaza.

  1. You’re smoking something again, Richard. Or just plain wishful thinking. Do you really think Obama will buck the Lobby? As he has shown in the “torture memo” case, he is too weak, or unwilling to abjure what his bosses tell him. He is a toady to the establishment. Lieberman’s braggadocio aside, Israel will get away with what it wants. As it always has. There will be no two-state solution, except on Israel’s apartheid terms. Mubarak and Abbas will confirm that. That’s what they get paid for, and why they are still in “power.”

  2. Antony Loewenstein, interestingly refers to Bernard Avishai’s blog where Avishai looks at the same quote with considerable skepticism. He states the language is all wrong. He thinks Obama needs to be talking tougher.

    “Obama, in other words, has to start by imposing an agenda on Israel’s conversation. He can win over Israelis eventually, but only if every front page story for the next six months is about whether or not Bibi and Lieberman are destroying relations with Washington. That is the only thing Israeli elites fear more than the loss of solidarity.”


  3. Bar Kockbal32: My message to the Palestinians would be Stay alive!

    I agree with Richard. I don’t view Obama’s actions as weak or subservience. Really, how rude: calling him a toady. The problems presented by Mubarak and Abbas are really the concern of the people who created the situation, the US and Israel, IMO. That there is a new sheriff in town may not be a story line Netanyahu recognizes, but I’d bet he does. And we aren’t talking about the land of Robin Hood here.

    Bah! Scat!

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