8 thoughts on “Lieberman Persona Non Grata in Egypt – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Most policy relating to Egypt is dealt with by the Defence Ministry; the Foreign Minister’s role is basically hasbara. Perfect for someone like Lieberman who likes to talk so much.

  2. He’s a disaster, and always has been.

    Even if Netanyahu is the policy-maker (another disaster), Lieberman does a lot of substantive evil, beyond PR.

  3. Gentleman, I put to you that most of Israel’s state policy is dealt with by the defense ministry. Alex, your country’s war-purposed activity is moving further and further out into the international sphere. With whom is Israel at war? “Terrorists,” or the other communities in the world, bar none.

  4. So the Mubarak thug has some principles all of a sudden? I doubt this makes much of a difference. They were also responsible for the Gaza bloodletting, something Lieberman supported.

    Oh but they’re Palestinians. Heaven forbid that he calls for the same kind of treatment to the Egyptians. Now that would be a REAL travesty.

  5. Seems to me that foreign minister Lieberman is persona non grata in all countries around the world. Not only Egypt. Before there were all the time news about Israeli governmental delegations travelling around the world and foreign leaders and ministers visiting Israel. Not during this new government first steps. It will be interesting to see what country will be Lieberman’s first foreign visit target and who want to speak with this guy.

    I suppose Lieberman will stay in history as a foreign minister who had the record minimum of travel days during his period.

  6. Mubarak is his people’s problem, as Lieberman is Israel’s. The circumstances in which the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian political parties and the Palestinian people exist make it difficult to achieve any stability, much less one not experiencing internecine political conflict. The set-up is one that exacerbates all the worst potential, while militating against the best.

  7. Maybe someone should start keeping a score sheet of visitors to Avigdor Lieberman and Khaled Meshal.

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