7 thoughts on “So Long George, It Hasn’t Been Good to Know Ye – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow…something on this blog I can seriously agree with 🙂 Bush has been a complete disaster both on domestic, and foreign policy. His lack of leadership on the middle east, and his flawed thinking in assuming that Palestinian Arabs want Western style “democracy” is the cause of much of this mess.

    We pushed Gaza into free elections..and they voted in a terrorist organization. Talk about blowback!

    Hamas is in some ways similar to the far right GOP in this country…religious fanatics who fool the uneducated masses (ie: “bubbas” and “rednecks” into voting against their own best interests.

    1. We pushed Gaza into free elections..and they voted in a terrorist organization.

      No, we allowed the Palestinians to have a democratic election and they chose one of the duly constituted political representatives to govern them.

      Hamas is nothing like the far right GOP. Unlike the GOP it actually is rooted within its community and serves its community and is not corrupt and actually governs in the interests of the populace. One may argue with its tactics vis a vis Israel and denounce them, but in terms of internal governance it is far better than Fatah. I also do not agree with its Islamist agenda. But again, if Israel were to remove the siege & allow a free and fair democratic process for all of Palestine, then a political alternative to Hamas might arise. But until Israel does this we’ll never know because Hamas will rule the roost.

  2. Rarely has a departure been met with such overwhelming relief.
    No President and vice President in modern history were more worthy of impeachment. Americans can now start the painful business of re-establishing the Rule of Law. They could make a good start by prosecuting the perpetrators and purveyors of torture. This is of course predicated on George II not exercising the Royal Prerogative and granting hundreds of pre-emptive pardons in which case the criminals will just have to avoid travelling to civilised countries.

  3. It’s funny how someone can critisize hamas for it’s political views and call it a terrorist organization. Yet never mention that hamas is operating inside an occupation zone and facing constant harrasment and suffocation of it’s people via blockade and hundreds of illegal jewish settlements being built on lands confescated from it’s people. It’s funny how this world is naieve and one-sided. Never mind the illegal occupation of their lands. They must completely submit and kneel down and bow their heads to the all mighty Israel until Israel slowly irradicates them one by one. I wonder if people who are occupied has any right to ressist their occupation at all? or resisting occupation becomes terrorism?

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