11 thoughts on “Justin White Threatens Me – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I have known Justin since the mid-90’s. It’s true that he sometimes overly-enthusiastic. I have known him also to be learned and sincere. I had my own run-ins with him regarding eating kosher and my own wedding-he refused to attend! He can be very insistent but he is also very consistent. He hasn’t veered from his observance since his involvement in Judaism. This has caused a riff between himself and others that we know. As far as the sectioning thing is concerned, he uses this phrase often-it refers to “mental health sectioning.” I’ve seen other people get angry over his use of this term in the past as well. In any case Richard, you should take his comments with a grain of salt-we all do!

  2. Actually, in the UK to be “sectioned” is to be detained for compulsory medical treatment under Section 4 of the 1983 Mental Health Act – see here. So with luck he lives several thousand miles away…

  3. @Noah: Thanks for yr perspective & glad to know that there are those who know him & recognize his tendency to excess. This quality I’m sure only does him harm & I wish he could learn to moderate himself.

    I won’t report him to the police now that I know he wasn’t advocating cutting me into pieces & was only referring to having me involuntarily committed. That’s somehow comforting in a bizarre sort of way.

  4. @Heller: If Justin tried to assume my identity here as he did Barnaby Yeh’s I’d catch it & delete it. Besides, other commenters here who know Justin have written about him confirming his separate identity. Unless you think I’ve made them up as well?!

    Strange indeed. The world is complicated enough as it is. Let’s not unnecessarily complicate it further.

  5. Someone in my synagogue who married a convert once commented that the people who are coming in (converts) are certainly better than the ones who are leaving.

  6. Isn’t it odd that Justin “White” seems to be so well versed in the procedure for involuntary commitment to a mental institution? (sarcasm intended) I wonder why he did not complete his college studies in merry ole Virginnie?

  7. Oh dear, not again. I had hoped he’d resigned himself to the idea that different people are allowed to have different opinions and moved on to better things. I hope this doesn’t mar your Channukah happiness.

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