13 thoughts on “Leviev’s Financial Collapse Puts Chabad on the Ropes – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Alex Stein:

    I don’t think this will affect Chabad houses worldwide so much, as they are funded locally.

    It has a huge impact in the former Soviet Union where Leviev DOES directly fund individual projects and the central Jewish communal entity.

    Believe me, they wouldn’t be in such a panic if the withdrawal of Leviev’s funding wasn’t a big deal to them. $75 million yearly is a hefty hunk of change even for a big group like Chabad.

  2. As I said, Richard, it will affect the central organisation and its various projects greatly. Chabad Houses, however, should be less affected, as they are funded locally.

  3. B”H
    Chabad’s money comes from G-d who has many messengers
    (harbeh shluchim le’mokom) Rabbi Leviev ( ( http://www.thelevievfoundation.com )is one of them but there are many others.
    As money doesn’t simply disappear the money lost by Lev Leviev was surely gained by some other worthy Yid and he will also donate some of it to Chabad untill Lev regains his fortune G-d willing soon.

  4. @Richard

    “David Bloom, my informant on all things Leviev,”
    -I think this statement basically says everything. In Hebrew we say “malshanim”-Jews who inform in other Jews to non-Jews.

    “And then we can really start celebrating.”
    -This seems a fitting final sentence to what appears to me as a very hateful article. First of all, celebrating over the financial losses if another Jews seems vile to me. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially other Jews. Is that “fixing the world?” I know people who would have been lost to the Jewish world if they hadn’t been a part of birthright. It seems like you despise all things that are fundamentally Jewish-Judaism and any kind of Jewish nationalism. Sad.

  5. @NILI: What, are you nuts? Leviev’s financial woes are public knowledge in Israel & around the world. If David Bloom or I report this fact we’re “informing” on a fellow Jew? Get a life.

    Hateful? Yes, I hate paying his workers $2 a day for some of the hardest work imaginable in diamond mines in Angola (which Leviev does). BTW, that’s less than the international poverty wage. And I hate security forces which kill & rape those who stand in his way (again Leviev does that too). And I hate stealing land from Palestinian farmers (again Leviev). BTW, Jeremiah and Isaiah hated Jewish iniquity too. Were they vile?

    I don’t despise Judaism, but I despise extremist Jewish nationalism.

  6. @Justin White: You are one sad puppy Justin. In the comment threads here you assume the real name of a friend, Barnaby Yeh (or ‘Devil’s Advocate’ or ‘Red-Hand’ other fake handles) and write comments in his name.

    Two MAJOR violations of comment rules there, Justin. So you’re banned. And since I’ve also banned you as Justin White, as soon as I discover any new fake IDs you use you’ll be banned under those as well.

  7. I’m kinda mixed about this. On the one hand, funds towards building right-wing settlements that disrupt the peace process can be nothing but a bad thing. On the other, shlichus/outreach in far off lands (espec. historically Jewishly-deprived lands such as the former USSR) can only be a good thing, and if Lubavitch loses funds for one, it would surely hurt the other.

    Someone else has to step up to the outreach plate. Preferably a less parochial “our way is the only way” sect that isn’t tainted by ultra-messianism.

    “Barnaby”: Instead of being out front with your opinions as yourself, you had to cower behind my own name. Do you have a reason for doing this? Oh wait – we’ll never know because you’ve been BANNINATED. Door, @ss, and way out, and all that.

    NILI: I like Torah uMitzvot. I hate turning Eretz Yisrael into avoda zara. I like Kiddush H’, I hate Hillul H’. Do I “despise” anything “fundamentally Jewish”?

  8. @Richard
    “Jeremiah and Isaiah hated Jewish iniquity too. Were they vile?”
    Jeremiah and Isaiah were both persecuted by Jews who didn’t follow the Torah! They weren’t vile-the iniquitous Jews who went after them were! BTW-The biggest sin the Jews committed int he Torah was not conquering the Land Of Israel.

    “I hate turning Eretz Yisrael into avoda zara.”
    If Jews outside of Israel intermarry with non-Jews and become part of other religions, why do they accuse Jews in Israel of idolatry for living in their ancient homeland?

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