8 thoughts on “Shin Bet Offers Palestinian Journalist ‘Gitmo Treatment’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. All of the Israeli statements are true.

    “There is no partner for peace!”

    “They are cockroaches, not human beings!”

    “The only language they will ever understand is violence!”

    It’s just that the statements apply not to the Palestinians but to the Israelis.

    Peace and the state of Israel will always be mutually exclusive.

  2. Well Richard Silverstein as well as you said in you comment could be said that because in WW2 Germans were brutes the Jews were no angels. Would you see such a comment “fair” and justified?

    Surely 99.9 percent of the violent acts against others’ human rights in Israel and occupied areas are caused by Jews. Certainly some Palestinians resist using violent means as most of us would do (or at least support) in such circumstances. Two of those comments Rykard mentioned are true. In Israeli government there is no true partner for peace. The settlement enlarging proves it. And also the comment that they (Israelis) understand only violence is true, because only violence seems to force Israel to make compromises. In Lebanon and now in Gaza.

  3. I’d add that the Israelis also killed Omer’s brother. And while his treatment is typical of that meted out to Palestinians, undoubtedly he is selected for special abuse because not only is he a journalist, he is a well-known journalist who brings light to the acts that Israel would like to commit in the dark.

    He’s one of the few Palestinian photo-journalists who has managed to tour the U.S., and his photos, which he risks his life to take, are well-known in Europe.

    Great post. Thanks.

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