16 thoughts on “Israeli Talks With Syria Concede Failure of Lebanon Policy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Ah, springtime in Lebanon, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the Party of God is in charge. The joy the laughter…………….

  2. In September 2007 Israel bombed a Syrian nuclear installation under construction. This is what RS said at the time:
    From Maariv: “There have been a number of security officials who said recently that “now of all times it is especially important to engage in negotiations, which will reduce greatly the danger of deterioration into war.”

    RS: Wouldn’t you think that they’d have thought of this BEFORE violating Syrian sovereignty and blowing one of their military installations to kingdom come? Seems mighty foolish for the Israeli spooks to go to Assad and say: “Umm, Mr. President, let’s just forget about what happened last week and start over–shall we?”

    Well it looks like that is exactly what happened.

    RS also said: For any Israeli to assume that there will not be a dear and savage price to pay for this action would be the height of foolishness.

    In spite of the fact that Israel blew up a Syrian installation and killed Hizballah leader Mougniyah, Syria is negotiating with Israel. In fact, these operations probably strengthened Israel’s negotiating position.

  3. @amir:

    Yr theory is silly. Israel tried the ultimate act of military force in invading Lebanon to destroy Hezbollah and thereby bloody Syria. It didn’t work. Besides, Assad publicly begged Israel to negotiate even before the Mugniyeh killing & bombing of the installation. It didn’t need to do those things to get Syria to the table. These negotiations are happening despite those acts, not because of them.

  4. bush makes more sense than this blog.
    the millions of poor syrians and lebanese need help.
    baath, syrian socialist nationalist, hizbolla leaders, and mid-level staffers are just the wrong medicine.
    iran’s fake revolution, like the soviet directed post wwii reengineering serves one purpose to assure good life to the unelected small ruling clique.
    free people should be on permanent protest missions against such criminal systems.
    praising assad, nasrallah or ahmedinejad is a little sick.

  5. I never said that the negotiations are taking place because of the aforementioned actions. I said “in spite of”. You said “despite”. I don’t see a big gap there. But the fact that they are taking place without the “savage price” you promised us and the fact that as you say Syria is begging Israel to negotiate is a sign of weakness on Syria’s part and not strength. It’s pretty clear that if Israel had started negotiating with Syria earlier they would not have been able to take out its nuclear installation. A Syria close to nuclear capability would be a tougher negotiating partner than one who just had its nuclear plant easily dismantled without any repercussions. I admit that the Lebanon war weakened Israel’s position vis-a-vis Syria. It would be nice if you could admit that now and then Israel does something right, like taking out Syria’s nuclear facility.

  6. the fact that they are taking place…is a sign of weakness on Syria’s part and not strength

    Who the hell cares whether the negotiations are a sign of weakness or strength. That’s immaterial except to people who like to measure national testosterone levels as you appear to do.

    If you want to talk about weakness, I can’t think of a country weaker than Israel (unless perhaps the U.S.) diplomatically & politically.

    Syria had no nuclear capability and it’s not even clear whether they would have ever had one even if Israel hadn’t bombed it. You don’t just snap yr fingers to create a nuclear weapon. It takes years, including high levels of scientific & technical expertise & a litany of raw materials. I have great doubt that Syria could ever have mustered enough of this to have even come close to succeeding.

    It was WRONG to bomb that facility. Someday Israel’s sovereignty is going to be violated in a similar way and you’re going to be screaming bloody murder & I’ll tell you “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

    Peace and negotiations are right. I’ve been advocating Israel-Syria negotiations here for over a year. Olmert did the right thing here though of course he did it far too late.

  7. Your confusing the goose for the gander. Israel’s sovereignty is violated constantly by Syrias proxys/allies Hamas and Hizballah (Hizballah before the war).

  8. You have got to be kidding. Syria is an Iranian proxy in all but name. Assad himself is a weak leader and a member of a minority sect. And you think that Israel should sit on its ass and wait until it has the bomb. The only reason Olmert is doing this is to divert attention from his legal troubles.

  9. Technical Observation
    Every body assumes after Hirosh. and Nagasak. that an atomic bomb is the only form of
    NWMD. A dirty bombs into the sea of Galili or several + some dirty suicide bombers in TA
    and Jerusalem is always a possibiliy. The scond assumption about complexity and materials etc. is an assumption. Sorry but El-baradi or what is his name is totally useless or on the pay. Also this week Russia and China announced nuclear coop. Also North Korea could have used Syria to store and play with all kinds of nuclear technologies.
    Today a country like Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Argentina can produce Atomic bonb in about a year or two at the most. Bombing this place is Syria was a service to humanity any way you put it. Just to identify my self the Jewes in El-Halil should be bulldozered out totally now.

  10. @amir:

    Not at all. You seem to be forgetting that Israel actually occupied sovereign Lebanese land for 18 yrs. & before that assassinated Palestinian leaders in Beirut almost at will. Not to mention Shebaa Farms which Israel concedes it has no claim to but so far refuses to return to Lebanon or Syria (one of which actually HAS sovereignty depending on who you ask).

  11. @Bani:

    You may think a dirty bomb is a possibility but it is at best a distant possibility. The complexity of building a nuclear weapon is not an ‘assumption’ it is a reality. If were merely an untested assumption then Iran would have one already. Look how long it took India, Pakistan, N. Korea & any number of other nuclear powers to achieve their capability. And what particular expertise do you have that nuclear experts–who’ve weighed in on this subject & disagreed w. you–don’t have??

    It is far more likely that Assad used the nuclear installation as N. Korea did–as a bargaining chip & that it never really intended to seriously pursue nuclear technology. Assad built the facility to pressure Israel & the U.S. into realizing if they didn’t bargain w. him that he could pursue the N. Korea route & go nuclear. This theory has been published in the MSM & I think it’s highly credible.

    “A year or 2 at most???!” What planet are you on? Iran would have the bomb if that were the case. Or are Iranian scientists less capable than Japanese, Argentinian, Swiss?

    Bombing the Syrian installation wasn’t a ‘service to humanity.’ It was service to Ehud Olmert & the IDF’s popularity ratings which had taken a severe beating in the past 2 yrs.

  12. RS: “It is far more likely that Assad used the nuclear installation as N. Korea did–as a bargaining chip”

    So if this true, by blowing up the installation Israel weakened Syria’s bargaining position, which is what I said.

  13. @amir:

    No, you misunderstood what I said. Syria never intended to create a nuclear weapon. It wanted to APPEAR as if it was doing so. To go through the motions to make the U.S. & Israel THINK it was creating such a program so it could give them pause to consider that it would be better to negotiate than consider a Syria that went nuclear.

    At best, Israel prob. bombed an installation that was a nuclear Potemkin Village.

  14. Bill, Syria wanted the US to think it had a WMD program because that kind of disinformation worked out so well for Saddam Hussein.

  15. @Bill Pearlman:

    I didn’t make up the idea nor get it straight from Assad. I read it in the MSM. If you weren’t so snarky so often I’d actually do the work to find the reference for you.

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