5 thoughts on “Carter to Break U.S.-Israel Hamas Boycott – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On the contrary, Jimmy Carters history has shown that he will go into this precisely “starry eyed and unduly impressed”. It never ceases to amaze me that self described liberals and progressives see Israel has the problem and line up behind groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. But I digresss, how about an Israeli government official being invited to Damascus for direct talks. Livni for example, the foreign minister. I must have missed that one.

  2. Bill, I fail to see how Jimmy Carter meeting with the leader of Hamas is *lining up behind Hamas*. Not unless you think when he met with Israeli leaders when he was US President he was lining up behind Israel, and that’d mean he’s lined up behind Israel an awful lot. Does that mean back when Israeli officials were meeting ‘unofficially’ with the PLO in the lead-up to Oslo that they were lining up behind the PLO? Of course not, and it’s clear that Jimmy Carter isn’t lining up behind anyone by meeting with them…

    He’s doing what Israel, the US, and the international community should be doing – engaging Hamas in dialogue in the hope that Hamas will moderate its stance and something constructive will happen, because nothing constructive has come of the destructive and pointless boycott of Hamas and the blockade of Gaza…

  3. I don’t understand all of the hatred between, the European Jew and the Palestinians living in the West Bank.  Ok, I’m looking at this from a Biblical perspective. God has given Israel to the Jews. The true
    Jews and the Arabs are the same people. The Arabs are not part of the ten or 12 tribes of Israel.
    The European Jew is a convert as is the Russian Jew. The only ones that should  show any animosity is the Israeli Jew.  As I stated earlier, the Israeli Jew and the Arab are the same group.  Now, from a political stand point. It seems that the Israeli’s want to control the Palestinians and are doing so. I’m speaking from traveling to Israel and studying in Hebron. The settelers came to this part of the Palestinian part of the West Bank in the early 80’s and think they run things. These are the European jews doing this.

    The Euopean Jew is white, and therfore believes he is superior. This is a battle for control over a very Holy land a very sacred land.  As I stated earlier, I’m all for Israel because this is God’s home. I will never go against God. The only problem I have is with the treatment of the Palestinians. 

  4. “Ok, I’m looking at this from a Biblical perspective. God has given Israel to the Jews.”
    What god giveth, god taketh away. It’s a little known biblical fact that the ever-fickle god changed her mind one night after losing at a game of poker, and gave Israel, as well as Switzerland and Nauru to a passing insurance salesman, who was mightily pissed off when god didn’t come through with any title deeds….

    god was last seen enrolling at a real estate course and proclaiming loudly that living on a fluffy white cloud made her superior to everyone…

  5. Chris you’re scary, religious, condescending and racist all at the same time
    Richard S –
    a) The US and Israel have been engaging in direct and indirect talks with Hamas for years. This has been going on since the beginning of time as in the French and British using messengers, go betweens etc… In this case the Egyptians regularly talk directly to Hamas and communicate direct messages between the two. The only difference now is Hamas gets a photo op to use in their propoganda.

    b) Hamas has OPENLY stated that they were just using Carter for PR and status. They don’t even try to hide it… but maybe that was just those shadowy Israel first extremists again making false conspiracies with their bad translations?? yeah that musta been it.

    c) If you ask your neighbor to have his kids stop throwing rocks through the windows of your house and and he laughs at you and then throws bigger rocks and then you don’t invite them to dinner to your house to directly talk with them, then its all your fault bcs you insulted your neighbor. Sound logic there…

    Send Jimmy Carter to go talk directly with unrepentant murderers bcs his track record of engaging – The Jimmah Carter solo school of politics has been realllllll successful…
    Iran hostages – North Korea – Yasser Arafat….. all shining examples of his success… like when he enraged Clinton by deciding he’d talk to North Korea himself. and then self congratulating himself bcs the Kim jung Il assured him he just wanted Nuke technology for power so he’d better be able to feed his people he’s got in concentration camps and forced labor…. Yet, shockingly Jimmy never seems to talk about that now 10+ years later?

    All this trip is – is a media propaganda score for Hamas and Utopian fantasy towards something for far left progressives who imagine that most if not all of the failure is due to the intrasurgence, maximalist and stubborn dreams of the Israeli gov’t – left – middle – right – secular – religious etc… versus the unrelenting, unchanging behavior and attitude from the Palestinian side.
    Thus, anything short of Yossi Beilin and far left academics of course excluding Benny Morris whom almost all of these academic revisionist historians copy and get their history from – Pappe, Finkelstein etc….. are thus – Israel first extremists…..
    Its only the likes of the above and Mr. Silverstein who have the magic crystal ball and can see things clearly… even though he doesn’t live in Israel, Gaza or the West Bank.


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