5 thoughts on “Omigod, Obama Not Just Muslim, But Somali Elder! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bill: I’m glad you got the joke. But this story is all over the web and MSM. So a lot of people are taking it very seriously. I wish we could take it merely as a joke. But unfortunately crap like this has been known to sink candidacies before.

  2. I sometimes wonder where my intractable hostility to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy comes from given that there are many admirable things about her. She’s a tenacious fighter (which we progressives desperately need). She does have a solid command of the issues. I actually like her health-care plan better than Obama’s. Yet the nasty under-handedness of her campaign really gets to me and serves to disqualify her. Hilary’s sense of entitlement and seeming willingness to do anything to get the nomination is antithetical to progressive principles; there’s just an undemocratic undercurrent to her whole approach to the nomination. With her recent talk of ‘risk’ and untrustworthiness when it comes to Obama’s foreign policy orientation coupled with the Clinton camp’s promulgation of this photo, they’re clearly trying to Otherize, Islamize, foreignize Obama in a way that’s just plain sad. This is straight-up Fox News Bush-Rove world. Happily, it doesn’t seem to be working. But these kind of Image Scare-Tactics ought to have no place on the progressive/liberal end of the dial or in the Democratic Party. We glumly expect slimeball Republicans and Neo-Cons to do this sort of stuff, but not the supposed good guys/girls.

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