6 thoughts on “Michael Clayton, Terrific Oscar-Winning Thriller – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I just saw this myself yesterday on video and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did find myself asking my husband: do people really *do* this stuff? I must live in a moral bubble.

    Clooney is truly the Cary Grant of our generation!

  2. Thanks for the review, Richard. I too cannot see violent films (or even TV shows – I wanted to see the Sopranos when it first started running but the reports of violence turned me off). I will be sure to rent Michael Clayton soon.

    And thank you for the restaurant review. I’ve been blogging frugal food and then had a blow-out weekend in which we ate at not one but TWO trendy, fabulous, not-cheap restaurants. Everybody needs a little indulgence sometimes, and thank G*d we are blessed with the opportunity and the means.

  3. Have we seen the same movie?
    I like Clooney, but his movies are another matter.
    He is Cary Grant like, but his movies do not have the content and the touch of the Cary Grant ones.
    This convoluted Michael Clayton plot was boring from the beginning.
    So much for believing to film critiques.

    His Syriana was also highly recommended, and has disappointed me.

    Even the Good Night, And Good Luck was less than a masterpiece, but at least a good fight for decency.

  4. Judy: All I can tell you is that no law firm my wife has ever worked at works like the one in this film. But it sure made for dramatic viewing. I also believe that while there is lots of skullduggery at U.S. corporations, the actions of the corporate general counsel in this case were a bit over the top. Though again, it made for great drama.

    Leila: There is one violent scene in this movie that might disturb you. But in the context of the entire movie it’s much more focussed on character development and building natural tension, rather than exploitative violence for the sake of violence.

  5. Really? I saw this movie in the theatre with folks, and honestly I thought it was terrible. Weak plot, bad writing, half the time they didn’t fill in the story lines, and it draggggeeeedddddd. And I LOVE George Clooney. ER was a wrap once he was out…but this was not one of his finer moments.

  6. Can’t agree with you there, Cole. If you read my post I noted that the plot was thin. Bad writing? I didn’t find it so. I do agree that the middle part of the film did drag. Some plot lines like the relationship with his ne’er do well brother were left hanging. The part of the plot about the failure of his bar seemed a drag on the pacing of the film.

    I never said this was the greatest movie ever made. But I still think it was terrific and the writing & acting equally so. The fact that Steven Soderburgh and Sydney Pollack were among the film’s producers says a lot to me about the quality they saw in it. The NY Times review, which helped convince me to see it, was superb.

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