3 thoughts on “Shulamit Reinharz: Abu El Haj Academically Suspect for Calling Herself ‘Palestinian’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Well thank you, Richard, for shining the searchlight on this sorry episode. The racism (ethnic hatred? what do you call it?) is just shocking. This Brandeis first lady must be a horrible bigot – and I am sure she thinks she is just a righteous warrior. Lord have mercy.

    My father used to insist that Americans – and yes, Jews – hate Arabs and want to destroy our culture, demean us, suppress our every expression of self and identity. I would argue with him. I thought he was being paranoid. Unfortunately this sort of episode confirms his paranoia (may he rest in peace). However, the strenuous objections of all the other parties to this argument remind me that my view is also correct: decent people do exist in this country; bigotry and thoughtless, irrational prejudice do not rule everywhere. I am so glad to read about Lockman’s statement.

  2. Nadia Abu El Haj ought to work for al-Jazeera. Her sympathies are clear. And she is using her academic post to press her political interests. That violates the basic purpose of an academy which is to seek truth. It is what Aristotle wold have called Sophistry. That is, elegant lies. Let’s hope Barnard has the courage to turn down her tenure and send her somewhere with lower standards for truth.

  3. Let’s hope Barnard has the courage to turn down her tenure

    Sorry to disappoint but Barnard has already approved her tenure. Columbia is the only recourse you & the other academic with hunters have left. If they approve her, as I expect, then you’ll be out of luck.

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