6 thoughts on “Barnard Alumni-Campus Watch Cabal Opposes Tenure for Abu El-Haj – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. When you wrote a review for Dore Gold’s book at Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative, did you add a disclaimer that you “had a clear ideological affiliation that prevented you from writing an objective academic analysis”? (This is not a rhetorical question since i did not see the review.)

  2. Pat Buchanan’s American Conservative

    No, it’s actually Ron Unz’s American Conservative. He’s the current owner. Though Pat Buchanan founded the magazine, he’s no longer affiliated with it in any way except that his name is on the masthead. Besides, I don’t believe that only conservatives should publish at conservative magazines or only progressives at progressive magazines. That sentences all of us to ideological ghettos in which we never see or read opinions that differ fr. our own.

    And I am not an academic nor is The American Conservative an academic magazine. It is a magazine about politics and I write about politics. Anyone who reads a review I write will not find me dissembling about my political affiliations or opinions as Joffe, Applebaum & Muir did in their reviews in academic periodicals.

  3. I’ve seen tenure committees make some odd decisions but I’ve always been content to leave the decisions to the committees and not make those decisions vulnerable to outside pressure groups. I recall all too well when tenure decisions came under attack during the McCarthy era and I wouldn’t want to see that behavior repeated. The responsible parties at Barnard and Columbia should make their decision based on the merits of the case and not be subjected to political and financial blackmail.

  4. [Comment deleted–this blog is not a promotion vehicle for Paula Stern’s “journalism.” Nor do guests at my blog get to call me a “moron” nor say “up yours.” You can find plenty of other sites that will give you hugs and kisses for doing so.]

  5. To be fair to Fitzgerald, he does quote Abu el-Haj once: ‘El-Haj seems to think that the study of the Jewish past by Israeli archeologists… is an outrageous political act, an act of “Jewish settler-colonial nation state-building”‘. It’s out-of-context and untrue, but it is a quote.

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