5 thoughts on “Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards (JIBA) Revived – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. All blogs are being encouraged to participate. There is no greater push for right or left of center blogs. Even though substantive decisions have been made the advantage/benefit to your joining is that you can review all of the discussion in Google Groups and see what has gone on.

    It is a transparent process and we have nothing to hide.

  2. Perhaps you could create your own award for blogs with progressive perspectives on the Middle East, or peace-focused blogs, or Progressive Zionist blogs, something along that line?

  3. I’ve noticed that the “less than constructive criticism” line has become a central part of the new rhetorical strategy aimed against people who tell the truth about Isreali policy. It first started popping up after Dershowitz published The Case for Peace, in which he tried to delineate the bounds of criticism so that any serious-but-unflattering analysis was portrayed as extreme and essentially the province of people who wern’t serious about peace and wanted to simply “demonize” Israel. Advocates for the Party Line have been very effective at framing the entire conflict. Even progressive politicians like John Conyers have been parroting this line.

  4. Sorry. Constructive is to modernize and dissolve the old Judaism and transfer its positive tradition into Israel. There can be Israeli Jews, Muslims, Christians and non-believers.

    I want to invite the believers to a peaceful transformation. Without a transformation, we will have Jewish suicide bombers.

    Further, a Jewish Abd al Wahhab may blow up the Kotel, because it is standing between him/her and the Creator.

    All belief systems were nice attempts to provide unscientific solutions to man’s physical puzzles.

    All belief systems will ultimately lead to inquisitions.

    Non believers have created enough barbarism, too.

    But the solution to non-belief is more non-belief.

    At the end, an non-belief-Tikun Olam combo will have a better chance to expose and defeat Kahanism.

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