10 thoughts on “While AIPAC Brays for Blood, American Jews Oppose Attacking Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You call 54 percent “massive” opposition? I am a scientist and a 54 percent probability is far removed from a 100 percent certainty. Tikun Okam, please get real. Moreover, to paraphrase Tom Lehrer, the 54 percent “have all the horas” while the 38 percent have “all the money”.

  2. richard here is a link and a quote from this very astute ex american officer…

    70% of the American public, and most of the soldiers and Marines in Iraq understand the idiocy, the pointlessness and shoddy logic of this alter-ego “war” we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, soon Iran and perhaps even Syria. This majority of Americans are beginning to hate Dick Cheney and George W. Bush for what they are doing to our own nation. But the 70% in this country have no important conferences for the political leadership, they have no lobbyists, they have no deep pockets, and they have no rabidly confident sense that they alone have all the answers to the world’s problems. AIPAC, on the other hand, has all these things.

    And soon, it is likely they’ll have their desired attacks on Iran. We may soon hear of an accident, an incursion, or a purported attack on our forces. That provocation will force the President to bomb until our bombs run out, and will give the Democrats one more opportunity to prove their abject fealty to war. From what we are hearing of this year’s AIPAC conference, it will be up to a few honest and courageous souls in the Senate, or a revolt of the generals, to stop America’s next war.

  3. richard, it is my belief, based on what i see written in the alternative press and also expressed by a few of the leaders of jewry in america that what these folks are missing is the anit semitic component……the neocons (code word as malcolm hoenlein said for “jew”) are going to get blamed for all that will go wrong with more war in the middle east….according to some report i saw a few short weeks ago, there are some generals who will be willing to resign in the even of an illegal war…..
    here is a quote and anotlher link about a neocon….at some point mainstream america will become aware…my guess is that when they have to start calling up boys for the draft then moms and dads will open their eyes and follow the mob. and itl be all aipacs doing.

    Christopher Hitchens isn’t sorry. Not about being a Commie all those years ago; after all, he was a Trotskyite, not one of those icky Stalinists, which merits a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Not about being frequently drunk in public: after all, it’s part of his image as the Courtney Love of punditry. And, most of all, he’s not sorry about doing his bit to gin up the Iraq war:


  4. You call 54 percent “massive” opposition?

    I’m speaking of public opinion & you’re speaking of a scientific process. Any president who wins 54% of the popular vote is considered a decisive victor. The same holds true of Israeli popular opinion. It is a very fragmented electorate regarding war/peace issues. For 54% to embrace talking to Hamas is a remarkable figure. You should spend some time here & on the internet reviewing various polls of Israeli public opinion on this & related subjects. It would provide an education on the subject.

  5. I feel “slight majority” would be a more accurate way to represent 54% opposition. You’re right about the terms used in presidential elections, but I don’t think that standard applies here. With 11% switching in a year, and 8% undecided, the majority status of the opposition doesn’t seem very stable, and hence certainly not massive.

  6. Who cares what Scott McConnell or any of those retrograde reactionaries at Amconmag thinks?

    I do for one. And all the other progressives who Scott’s published there. Unlike you, I understand that there are issues on which conservative and progressives can cooperate. And that such cooperation makes our position on those issues that much stronger. I guess that sort of tactical politics is beyond yr interest. Too ideologically impure?

  7. With 11% switching in a year, and 8% undecided, the majority status of the opposition doesn’t seem very stable, and hence certainly not massive.

    Not at all. You’d have to look at the trend lines to say that. And I can assure you that the more bellicose & closer to war Bush-Cheney’s rhetoric gets regarding Iran the higher the percentage of “nays” among American Jews. I’d venture to guess that since this poll was taken in Oct.-Nov. the current number of opposed is substantially higher than 54%. If we haven’t attacked Iran in a yr’s time & they’re still rattling sabers I have no doubt that the number will add another 11% & reach 65%.

    But I’m happy if you call it a “slight majority.” It’s still a majority any way you look at.

    And as Ezra Klein points out at his blog, the survey question was framed in such a way as to elicit a strong affirmative response in favor of military action. If the question had been worded more neutrally (e.g. “should the U.S. use military force against Iran”), the response would’ve been even more negative toward a military strike.

  8. Too ideologically impure?

    No just too much self respect to make common cause with Buchananite anti-semites just because they don’t like Israel either.

  9. Oh please! Scott McConnell is a “Buchananite anti-Semite??” Don’t make me laugh. Would you kindly forward to me any evidence that this is true & if you don’t have any kindly draw the proper conclusion any responsible human being would and withdraw fr. the scene with your tail bet. yr legs.

    This tactic is precisely the same as one used by Frontpagemagazine & David Horowitz. If you’re associated with anyone in any endeavor, even if they’re no longer involved with said endeavor, you’re responsible not only for your own beliefs but for theirs as well. This is lunacy. Scott McConnell is no more guilty of Pat Buchanan’s sins just because they founded the American Conservative Magazine together than I am of yours.

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