3 thoughts on “Gentiles, Jews Fighting the Good Fight Against AIPAC for a Sane U.S. Mideast Policy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hello Richard,

    Maybe there is some momentum now in all these verbal or written exchanges. Let’s hope so and it will be well and good if that’s the case. But do they really qualify as pivotal in the wider sense? They have, for the most part, tended either to cancel each other out or merely elected to reconvene, recommence at some future venue. Is anything very much achieved by these activities? I acknowledge that they do represent points of view held, and held passionately, across a broad spectrum of opinion. However, it does take an awful lot to fundamentally change and challenge the mindsets of those currently holding forth on this subject.

    If arguing the pros and cons of the situation is unlikely to resolve the matter, at least not with anything remotely approaching finality, then a change of direction and a better utilisation of resources is surely indicated.

    My own take on this here has been recorded elsewhere on this website. That approach, while admittedly somewhat mechanistic, is designed to confront the more immediate issues. Tectonic movements now so familiar in the shifting levels of Middle East political strata will continue to throw up more and more problems, problems which will constantly erode whatever measures are taken to address them. Unless we ourselves can harness or highjack these forces, events are likely to move along in their usual negative fashion.

    To correct this course, the application of more direct measures may be needed, actions considerably louder than those of words. Sometimes it’s only with the right actions that words can carry sufficient weight and meaning There are times when the best option is to advance upon the beast, draw closer to its centre and grapple more directly with it.

    Maybe, in the end, that will be our only option.

    And for that to happen with any effect, shouldn’t we be carrying the very biggest stick we’ve got in our armoury?

    After all, sticks and stones….



  2. Richard, i would like for you to know that i find it liberating in a sense, to be able to see jewish bloggers who see the same things i see with regards to jewish involvement in the ginnying up for the war on iraq, and the now on the table war with iran and (or) syria. I would from time to time question myself on the emotions i was having about this jewish american lobby (aipac) and its nefarious doings in the politics of this nation. It is my love for this country and the principles of the constitution of the united states which causes me to rise to her defense and share with everyone i know what i see happening. As a christian i have supported everything israel has done up until a few years ago when i started to discover the underlying structure of the zionist state and its intransigence in dealing with the palestians, discovering the events surrounding the 1967 war, namely the uss liberty served to shock me out of the lovestruck condition i had towards israel. It is good to see the jewish american community being true to their liberal leanings in calling for no war in the middle east and supporting peace for the palestinians, unfortunately the powers that be will try to control the debate but this too will get out of hand for them.

  3. ‘We liberal Jewish bloggers are like prophets without honor in our own [Jewish] country.’

    Well, you are all on the honour roll at my place. I thank you on behalf of my children, the safety of whose futures has been enhanced by your actions. It sounds corny, but it’s true.

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