6 thoughts on “Benny Morris: From Israeli ‘New Historian’ to Hardline Rightist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, i fear that the jewish question will resurface again, the world wil become more polarized than it is even now on this situation in israel. Sometimes one must realize that one is way out of his league in this game of trying to influence opinions that are that polarized by the strong emotions that this issue brings out. I have come to the conclussion that i am a learner and an observer. In the jewish world that i move in, i do not see this issue surfacing yet, noone is even aware that there is a side that wishes for the israeli state to moderate and make peace, noone is even remotely aware that there are sides being taken in this issue among their own community.
    I think that this is mostly beng discussed among the intellectuals in the jewish community, or maybe only among the politically active left. what do you think of ilan Pappé
    as a historian? does he tell his version of the truth? does he twist things? i recently listened to him and was curious as to what you think of him?

  2. I stand somewhere bet. Pappe and Morris in my political & historical views of the conflict. Pappe is too much of a doctrinnaire anti-Zionist for my taste. His arguments are too pat for me. He sees himself as an intellectual provocateur I think, which has its place I suppose esp. considering how closed Israeli academic & political discourse can be.

  3. Thanks, i am going through lenni brenners book to get a different perspective. i want to see the view from the left.

  4. G-d bless you for posting this Richard.

    I’m being attacked on my blog for talking about my grandmother’s 1948 experience and Morris is being used to maliciously invalidate my living grandmother’s first hand account.

  5. I think Morris has become a nihilist – everything he writes is utterly devoid of hope and morality. Morris’ lack of hope for the future fuels his dark imagination as he projects a violent end for our people in the Middle East, and promotes the hardline which tries to facilitate the situations which could precipitate a violent end to Jewish presence in the Middle East. The lack of compromise and hopeless, compassionless outlook is the real enemy.

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