4 thoughts on “AIPAC Lobbies Indian PM to Form U.S.-Israel-India Front Against Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. woooow thats really really wild! brother , i have a question :the most of Iranian people like me , think that the presidential elections in USA , are able to change the stance of USA government against Iran. is that true? for example i thought that Hillary Clinton will be more kind to my country , but yo said no. and u said maybe Barack Obama is more sympathetic to my country. our media like TV and newspapers closer too government say that these Are not true and all of American politics is controlled by AIPAC. whats the truth? we don’t want to accept that America is our enemy at all conditions. we feel close to some American persons , like martin Luther king , Abraham Lincoln and so on. but i don’t know, Ohhhh sorry another question : do u think Iranians are Arab?
    brother , i wanna know that what would you do , if you were like me an Iranian teenager? i really wanna know what should i do? what should an Iranian do? you know that what is democracy , what is freedom , what is a country without the concern of a deadly war. maybe some times you think : why Iranians do like that? why Iranians don’t know the truth? question like what i have in mind about Afghans and Iraqis and Palestinians. what is so weird about us now? i hope i could tell you what i want to say.

    i really appreciate your emails and your answers.i know its so boring for you to talk to me. specially that i speak English so funny and ridiculous !

    i have changed my weblog’s template. i will really appreciate if you leave a comment.

    bye. hoping for a world in peace.با آرزوی دنیایی در صلح

  2. Hi Amir,
    First, I want to say that I teach English as a Second Language (in fact I once had an Iranian student – alovely young woman with many questions like you), so I can say with some authority, that your English is *not* “ridiculous”. I can understand you very well, and I am impressed that you have learned to speak English so well. {Especially since I can imagine how hard it would be for me to learn Pharsi (hope I spelled that right.)}

    I”m glad you say that some Iranians like certain Americans. Your people are able to distinguish the American population from the American government. Unfortunately, many Americans are not able to distinguish between the government of another country and its people. Also, to be frank, most Americans (in my opinion) are not too well educated and they tend to believe whatever they see on Fox News or CNN. Of course there are many exceptions to that, like Richard, like me, like thousands of Americans – we try to speak truthfully.
    Could you post your web site please? I will write more to you there.


  3. Hi Amir,
    I did visit your weblog, unfortunately I don’t understand Farsi!
    However I did follow the link to the ‘campaign to stop war with Iran’ and I signed onto that.
    http://www.enoughfear.org/ [“Americans and Iranians say no to war”].

    I am blogging at semitism.net, thanks to Andrew, whose blog it is. I do not have many posts there yet, I just started. Please visit. Perhaps you could ask Andrew to link to the No war with Iran site.
    I would like to give you my e-mail, but I don’t know how to do that without giving it to the world!


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