2 thoughts on “Ian Buruma Mischaracterizes Tariq Ramadan’s Views on Israel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. if you define Zionism as meaning that the Jewish people have a right to their own state in their own land like any other self-defined people with a common history and culture, then indeed Ramadan is anti-Zionist. Maybe not in the Hamas “kill all the Jews everywhere and every inch of Palestine is ours” way, but he clearly opposes the right of the Jewish people to sovereignty in their land. At least he gives equal lip service to the idea that 23 Arab states shouldn’t give particular rights and priveleges to Moslems, which they all do. But given that there’s 23 Arab states and a host of non-Arab Islamic states, and one and only one Jewish state, wouldn’t it be oh-so-convenient for Ramadan and those who agree with him to eliminate that one Jewish state first? Sure, it might take a few thousand years to get around to the Islamic states, given that they have this pesky problem of insisting at the point of the gun or the fuse of the bomb that Sharia law must hold sway in every land in which they live….

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