5 thoughts on “Delta Airlines Ejects Nursing Mother from Flight – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. TOo bad we cant be as careful with keeping terrorists off our airlines as we are with hungry babies. Shame on that flight attendant for kicking off a nursing mother and her child for simply doing a natural and healthy act. She should be given swift and severe punishment for her causing this type of embarassment. I for one would rather see a nurtured and loved child any day of the week with any amount of breast showing that see some of what shows up and any beach USA. To nursing mothers everywhere, stand up and let your voice be heard that this kind of treatment for only doing what is healthiest for your baby can be and will be continued to be done anywhere your child needs to be fed.

  2. During Thanksgiving dinner my cousin pulled out her breast and started to feed her young son. My Grandmother, who is a modest woman got up and left the room. She returned with a towel which she placed over my cousin’s breast. She didn’t say anything and neither did my cousin and normal conversation resumed. I was raised in a family where breast feeding is encouraged and if there had only been women in attendance my Grandmother wouldn’t have even done that. The problem is that a plane is a mixed atmosphere and I’m sure that Mrs. Gillette was being discreet but as any frequent flier will tell you it’s fairly easy to see what someone else is doing if you’re sitting in the same aisle as them even if they’re sitting in the window seat. Perhaps there was someone else on the plane who was uncomfortable with her being that exposed. We live in a society that raises us to consider breasts private. The blanket would have taken care of that.
    Shame on the flight attendant for her comments and her decision to have this family removed but I also say shame on Mrs. Gillette. Perhaps she was not as covered as she thought she was and the fair thing to do would have been to take the blanket as extra protection.

  3. shame on Mrs. Gillette. Perhaps she was not as covered as she thought she was

    While I can see you have more circumspect & traditional notions on these matters than many of the rest of us, this mother took every reasonable precaution to shield herself fr. others. She is under no obligation to hide herself under a blanket for the benefit of the shrinking souls who can’t bear to see a little white flesh of a human breast.

  4. I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing but folks, this was no infant. The child was 2 years old. I would also have been uncomfortable with it happening in plain sight. Get a grip people. Will you have mothers coming to school during lunch break to suckle their children?

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