2 thoughts on “U.S. ‘Unseen Hand’ Guiding Israeli Refusal to Negotiate With Syria – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Again, nothing ceases to amaze me. If there is one country that has so frequently blundered in the broad ME, its the USA. Almost all of their major policy decisions over the last 40 years have come back to bite them (and now the rest of us) in our proverbial asses. Al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, Iran (deposing Mossadegh and putting Shah in) are the best relevant examples. But wait and see what happens when our new buddy Mussharaf is overthrown, or Mubarak, etc. So why dont people learn not to trust USA judgement? Money talks.

  2. Again, thanks for helping us to understand the refusal of Israel to talk to Syria — it is Cheney. Could you help to explain why Cheney who warned against the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 1991 was so committed to the invasion in 2003. Was it Halliburton? Was it the influence of the neocons during his fellowship at the AEI? Was it Cheney who convinced Bush and Rumsfeld that war with Iraq would transform the ME? I greatly appreciate your brilliant analysis of the issues in the ME and realize you have limited time but wonder if you could refer me to any articles or books on the subject of Cheney and his 180. Thanks

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