4 thoughts on “David Grossman Eulogizes Son Killed in Lebanon War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Tragic, tragic event. Olmert and Peretz are clearly puppets controlled by the Bushco neoconservatives. They share the same arrogant disregard for human dignity. I’m going to link to this on my blog.

  2. It is really heartbreaking,

    I was always wondering: “How come that relations between states are so different from relatiosn between individuals?”
    While the individuals usually resolve their conflicts using some kind of arbitration or courts of justice, the states are much
    more inclined to use force.
    Some time ago i’ve realized that the explanation is really simple: The state relations are managed by special kind of people – members of political elites.
    What is so special about these people? Several things:

    1. They are seeking (and succeeded in their quest) for power
    2. They are ambitious
    3. They have very high opinion of themselves (you can’t be a leader without it)
    4. They are winners in very difficult competition: struggle for power.
    As in every competition, one must maximize his own chances to win using all available means and one must prevent others to win.
    By the way, it is obvious that dishonest individuals have better chances to win in the struggle for power.
    It is also obvious that people who have altruistic inclinations like tendency to sacrifice his own interests for the common good have LESS
    chances to win.

    So we see that the process of selection of political elites promotes selection of individuals who are more inclined to protect their own interests and not the common good. It is actually stunning: We do exepect our leaders ot take care of our interests but obviously the leadership selection process minimizes the chances of people who are able to think of common good!!!!.

    Now look at two leaders trying to solve some conflict. These individuals have basic instinct to defend their own interests and not interests of their respective populations. I think this is the main reason that we have wars, because wars mostly profitable to the winners leadership…. Populations of both sides of armed conflict are always suffering.

    The question now: what could be done about it? In ideal system we’ll want leaders to sacrifices their own interests for the common good, the problem
    is however that in normal situations these people are not seeking power and do not participate in the elite selection process. And the rare altruistic individiuals who do try to become leaders, are usually outflanked by less altruistic and less scrupulous ones.
    So it seems that ideal system (one which promotes altruistic individuals to elite) is unattainable. There is however second best possibility: a system where altruistic individuals have the same chance to be selected as the less altrusitic ones. Suppose we simply do a random selection of individuals from the population and appoint them as temporary leaders. The immediate result will be that ‘altruism distribution’ of the selected elite will be roughly the same as that of whole population, which is much better than the current situation when the altruism level of elites tends toward zero.

  3. “Of what possible use is the death of such a gifted child?”

    Good question, if a little naive.

    No child’s death, whether it be a gifted child or a moron, serves any legitimate purpose.

    It should be considered, however, that they who “send them to die” first send them to kill.

  4. We have no words in face to this text and the tagedy behind it.
    Only my prays.
    I have a great admiration to David Gossman’s books.
    I have no words.He already told whole history in this tragic and small letter.Un chef d’oeuvre.

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