3 thoughts on “U.S. Soldier Accused of Rape and Murder Discharged for ‘Personality Disorder’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The problem is that being in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan in this war, the soldiers are ordered and expected to kill civilians. That results in extreme desensitization in all of the, but with people such as this accused person, obviously they begin to believe that they can do whatever they want. And actually, usually, they can, because American soldiers are not subject to Iraqi law. Only when they get caught do they get into trouble under American law.

  2. Anon: Absolutely, the exemption fr. Iraqi jurisdiction is deeply troubling. And this is precisely the type of exemption the U.S. wanted fr. jurisdiction under the International Criminal Court. This type of incident shows why it’s a very bad idea to get such exemptions.

    And to think that this aberrant soul would’ve gotten away w. his bestial actions were it not for one or two other soldiers who had bad consciences & reported it. This chills the soul because it makes you realize how many other incidents there might be where no one had a bad conscience & no one reported it.

  3. prosecute to the full extent of the law. and it is chilling that he was caught only by the consciences of others. but that can be said of brutal crimes anywhere.

    i know many officers who have deployed to Iraq, and I know what they are made of and I see the steady stream of stories and narrative of astonishing good they do. It does not fit the narrative, though, of Americans screwing up Iraq, and it is suppressed by those bastions of freedom, our press.

    Flag waiving never impressed me. And what impresses me about America is not that it is my country but that it turns on liberty. Yep, the police blotter page for this is horrible, but there is a whole rest of the country out there. The true heros in uniform won’t necessarily make you waive your flag, they’ll do better, they’ll move and melt your heart. You just won’t hear about them.

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