5 thoughts on “Failed IDF Assassination Attempt Kills Palestinian Children – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. And the justification for palestinians targeting civilians or trying to kidnap children? How many rockets were fired today? Do you even know? How many days this last week have they been firing rockets at Israelis?

    and you expect justification for firing on a legal military targets when they are by their presence making the camps and urban centers military targets? Do you or they even understand the presence of a militant, bomb or rocket makes what ever area they are in a military targets? So who is making those kids casualties? Its the bombers and militants that hide among them, not the Israelis. Every childs death due to proximity to a terrorist, bomber or militant is the responsibility of that terrorist, bomber and militant, not Israel. Same with ever bomb makers “work” accident. The presence of guns and other arms in camps nullifies any protection from reprisals or protection for those who know of those weapons. They become armed military encampments, no refugee camps.

    Every rocket, bullet or rock from Gaza into Israel is crossing an international border and is an act of war by gaza against Israel. Israel has every legal right to retaliate and hold Hamas responsible for all the militias operating from within gaza. Every rocket IJ fires is Hamas’ fault legally.

  2. Everyone, and the Israeli governement and the Palestinians especially must wake up to the reality that there is not now and there will never be a military solution to this crisis. In the eyes of the Palestinians – their rocket attacks are as an equally justified response and that they have “every legal right” to do so… (I’m not saying I agree with this – just pointing out their point of view).

    This cycle of violence has been repeating itself for decades ad nauseum…. When an individual repeats the same pattern of self-destructive behavior over and over again without change – it’s usually considered a sign of mental illness. I personally find the behavior of both sides of this conflict insane…

  3. Liz Duchess: Your attempt to understand the current situation is completely wrong-headed. Certainly the rocket launchers are targeting Israel. And certainly doing so is a heinous act. But how many rockets have hurt anyone? Five Israelis in the past 4 years have been killed by Qassams. Again, this is a heinous fact. Yet 13 Palestinian civilians have been killed by errant Israeli strikes in the past MONTH. I’d say there’s a certain disproportionality in that statistic. It also shows that the Qassams, while certainly terrifying I’m sure, are at most a terrible nuisance while IDF artillery & air-launched attacks are devestatingly lethal.

    Even Shimon Peres, a senior minister in the current government is decrying the ‘Qassam hysteria’ raging within Israel. It is a hysteria trumped up by a discontented rump Likud which has lost all power & clings to the opportunity to make life miserable by ginning up political mischief a la the Gaza withdrawal. Pretty soon we’ll be seeing the histrionic Likud mayor of Sedrot wearing a yellow star as settlers did during the Gaza withdrawal.

    And the final truth of the matter is that if the Olmert government opened final status negotiations w. Mahmoud Abbas & arrived at a peace agreement with him there would be no Qassams whatsoever fired at Sderot. So you see it’s quite easy to place the ultimate blame in Israel’s corner for this whole mess they’re facing.

    I also love yr notion that IDF extrajudicial assassinations are “legal targets.” “Legal” according to whom? According to the Israeli government of course whose notions of “legality” are open to question reagarding everything from home demolitions to the Separation aka ‘Land Grab’ Wall.

    Dan: I certainly agree with your “mental illness” analogy. Both Israel’s behavior and the Palestinian militants’ is deeply pathological.

  4. >>Your attempt to understand the current situation is pathetic. Certainly the rocket launchers are targeting Israel. And certainly doing so is a heinous act. But how many rockets have hurt anyone?

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