2 thoughts on “IDF Admits Official Report of Gaza Massacre Shelling Erred – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Soon after the massacre I was reading an Israeli blog whereby the army admitted that 1 shell was unaccounted for but reckoned because of the time fiored it could not have been the one.
    Since the new evidence has come out verifying the firing times I have not seen mention of the 1 shell which was unaccounted for. Has that in actual fact now been suppressed?

  2. Yes, that stray unaccounted shell troubled me as well. I haven’t heard any further discussion of it fr. either side. But the way I look at it there are so many possible explanations that would involve the shell being of Israeli origin beyond just that stray shell that I stopped thinking about it: It could’ve been a shell fired at the beach earlier in the day which never exploded. It could’ve been a shell fired at the beach which did explode when the beachgoers were there. There are just too many possibilities all of which seem to implicate the IDF for me to believe any other version of the story that would be more favorable to the Israelis.

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