3 thoughts on “When’s a Blog Like ‘a Dead Tree?’ When It ‘Doesn’t Matter!’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I think that the “subscriber link” count is based on what bloglines.com registered users subscribe to. Bloglines publishes how many of its users subscribe to a particular blog using the BlogLines aggregation service… This, of course, doesn’t count other aggregation services, such as FeedBurner, IntraVNews (Outlook-based), my.yahoo.com or my.msn.com, or other web-based aggregators.

  2. Jason: You very well may be right. But this language in the article is awfully imprecise & prone to a diff. interpretation:

    “Syndicated sites that “really matter” — classified as sites that have at least 20 other sites linking to them — number 36,930, according to September data from Bloglines.”

    Besides, there are so many other ways to subscribe to blogs (WP has its own plugins allowing for this for instance) than just using Bloglines. How could you possibly figure out (even if you wanted to) how many people total are subscribing to you?

    I also don’t think actual subscribers should be the only criteria to determine whether a blog “matters.” Another criteria should be how many incoming links you have as this indicates how valuable your fellow bloggers find you.

  3. Yeah it doesn’t seem like the Reuters writer even understands what he’s talking about. I read the explanation on the Ask Jeeves blog (blog.ask.com) and they don’t seem to be saying they think blogs don’t matter. Something was lost in translation here.

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