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  1. Wait a minute…

    You lift photos from all over the web without getting permission, but now you have a problem when someone does it to you?

    I just found the guy’s site. It’s pretty not-nice. I don’t condone his behavior. I’m just saying: Isn’t going after this guy for stealing your photo kind of like, well, the pot calling the kettle black?

  2. Josh: While I’m sure you’re a good guy & all if we were ever to meet personally; you really can be tiresome & repetitive. I’d hoped that all your other ancient comments here & elsewhere on the web about copyright & my blog practices would’ve exhausted everything you had to say on this subject. But some people just can’t get things out of their system I guess. And I guess my request so long ago that we not continue on the issue of copyright (which we have such diff. views about) must’ve gone out the window of that memory of yours (or else you just didn’t care).

    There’s a major difference between my use of images and this other guy’s. I don’t use images in order to insult the image’s owner. What more need be said? I think most people would get the distinction. Just not you I guess.

    And I’m not going after him because he used (“stole” in your parlance) my picture. If you look at my terms of use (which you clearly haven’t) I allow people to use my images w. basically one condition–that they not use them in a way that disparages me. And if they do, they must remove the images at my request. Seems reasonable to me. But again apparently not to you.

    I can please some of the people some of the time…just not Josh.

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