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  1. Hey there, Richard. Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for mentioning Womenfolk and for saying the kind words. It’s always nice to see that people like what I’m doing.

  2. Richard, just backtracking on you mp3 blog and saw the mention of Thomas Mapfumo.

    Did you know he was refused permission to enter the UK this year to perform at the World of Music and Dance (WOMAD) festival because he had tried to seek asylum in the US because, as a severe critic of the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe, he rather fears for his life. Great to live in a Liberal Democracy, or so they tell me…..

  3. No, I didn’t know that & the news is astonishing. Mapfumo is a sworn enemy of Mugabe as is the British government. How in God’s name could they deny him entry since they both detest Mugabe as an enemy of all that we both hold dear?

    I know our own government has gone mad. I hadn’t known that yours had as well.

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