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  1. By the way Richard,

    I have posted several articles on combatting comment spam in WordPress – my current techniques involve no comment spam plugins and have kept me spam free for months now – for more info see here

  2. I linked here from the WP support forums, the very ones you mentioned, I too would like to see a more navigable long-term archived support forum there, so newcomers like myself can take advantage of older question-answers; and they could make a new forum section for each release so outdated info is cleared. As you found w/TP is there an Unofficial WP forum? Problems could include the absence of actual WP developers, and the issues you encountered on that other under-moderated TP forum. Everytime I type TP it’s funny b/c that also stands for toilet paper. Glad you made the switch. I’m new at the whole ballgame, and chose WP to start with. -DGold

  3. “Another deficiency is that Typepad will essentially not ban globally any abusive commenters no matter how severe the abuse and no matter how many of its Terms of Service conditions have been violated (at least that’s been my experience).”

    It’s probably worth mentioning that, as you’ve acknowledged, that’s not possible. Has your current ISP offered to do anything similar, or are you no longer concerned with this issue?

  4. As you have throughout our debate about this issue, Anil, you’ve conveniently ignored my other criticism which boils down to: if you can’t figure out how to identify and ban an abusive commenter if they DO violate your TOS then how much is your system and its “security” features worth? Not very much, as far as I’m concerned and that’s a big reason that I left TP.

    Why don’t you and your programmers figure out a way to do this? Or failing that, introduce some of the extraordinarily robust and effective features and plug ins available here at WordPress. Typekey is a start, but why did I and I’m sure many other TP users have to complain about spam for a year or more before you guys got around to introducing Typekey (and btw it hasn’t even been rolled out yet, just announced as a plan coming soon).

    I don’t know what you mean about my current ISP. In our last blog conversation you suggested that I contact the abuser’s ISP which I did. And I said to you then, Qwest (the abuser’s ISP) is IMO one of the worst ISPs out there and I expected little from them and guess what I got–zip. I sent them a detailed e mail about the abuse with his IP and other identifying information 2 separate times. They never responded. When I can get to it, I plan to contact the corporate headquarters and the FCC with a complaint about Qwest’s shoddy response to ISP abuse.

    So are you arguing that because Qwest performed so miserably that I should find TP’s response to the abuse acceptable?

  5. Basically, what he’s saying is that there is no ‘magic’ plugin for WP either that will delete racist trolls in your comments for you . You will still have to do that yourself…

  6. Albeir: But there is a fundamental difference between the way Typepad handles comments (at least until they implement Typekey) and WordPress handles them. In WP, I will see the troll comment BEFORE it hits my blog. I can then make the decision about what to do with it–whether to publish or delete. With Typepad, you have no choice. It’s published as soon as the troll hits the Post button (except in the unlikely case where I’ve banned his/her IP in which case the comment is rejected). Then I have to decide what to do about it AFTER it’s hit my site.

    WP’s method gives one far more control.

  7. Richard: First, I’m glad you’re happier in your new home. Although a quick suggestion… can you do something to increase the font size in this textarea? I’m almost typing blind here… the font is so tiny in Firefox that I can scarcely see it.

    Second, a purely academic question. Do you get more troll comments than useful ones? I’ve never activated comment moderation in my (non-WP) blogs because it would just make things harder for everyone… if I get 100+ legit posts and one piece of spam, I’d rather do a single delete than 99 approvals.

  8. Roger: Nice to hear from you again. Yes, I’m much happier with WP than I was w. TP (though getting my old TP formatted permalinks to convert to WP’s permalink format was hairy there for a while). And yes, the font size is too small & I will enlarge it. Thanks for that suggestion.

    If by “troll comments” you mean the abusive commenter I had at TP, no, I get about 50 good comments for every nasty one. But at TP I was getting 10 pieces of spam for every legitimate comment (for some reason I averaged less than 1 comment per post) which is why spam maintenance was killing me at TP. W. the default WP comment installation, you only approve someone’s very first comment but any further comments are not moderated. I don’t know if that’s the default behavior for Typekey or not. If so, that’d be manageable for me. Of course, currently TP users don’t have any means to moderate comments. I don’t find approving first comments a hassle though I only get 500 visitors a day. If I got 10,000 a day & had 50 comments/day I might not feel the same way. But there are many comment moderation plugins that might help manage this process better for you.

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