4 thoughts on “Tsunami: Hating the Victims – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow. That comment was simply… stunning.

    Perhaps he was referring to the seminal book, Everything I Need to Know In Life I Learned In Kindergarten? Clearly, he missed the part about playing nicely with others.

    I highly recommend that you make a donation to a tsunami relief organization in his honor… and make sure they let him know about it.

  2. it’s just that kind of people that would make establishing peace on
    this earth an “impossible mission” ,every human life is precious
    whatever it’s race or religion and as sir richard said tsunami victims
    belong to different faiths ( it’s obvious that death is not racist!! )
    and i think it’s a shame to feel sorrow about the billions of dollars lost
    in the 9/11 attacks neglecting the real lost of 3000 souls ,not only
    he’s infantile ,impolite he’s also ignorant , by the way the kids are
    beautifuls and the unique thing that i find ugly is the heart of this
    “james king”.thank you.

  3. So 2 people actually read Siverstein’s dull blog? Dicky, you are the classic, wimpering liberal who can’t face reality. Don’t call me a racist…that’s so typical of people who disagree with libs. We’re either dumb, racist, whatever. Nobody cares about your opinions, Silvia, but blog away. The only reason I stumbled over it was through research on the tsunami victims. It’s amusing to me that you are still trying to deal with me. Thanks!


    PS: If your 2 blubbering readers want to e-mail me, great!

  4. I didn’t call you a racist though since you brought the term up…if the shoe fits, wear it!

    Actually, 350 unique visitors visit my blog every day. Instead of stalking my blog [I’ve deleted several personally hateful comments from King, but he just keeps coming back with new IP addresses every time I ban one], why don’t you start your own. Let’s see how much of an audience your strange & twisted views would attract.

    Certainly, the odd fellow writing the hateful blog ” A Proud Tsunami Sympathizer” (yes, I’m sorry to say there actually is a piece of crap like this out there in the blogosphere) would be one of your first (& only?) readers.

    Actually, I’m not hoping that my readers e mail you. I’m really hoping every spambot in the world picks up your e mail address & floods your Inbox with the same type of garbage you spew all over the web.

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