2 thoughts on “Indonesian Military Reverts to Repressive Form in Aceh – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You are wrong. Indonesia’s government don’t want anything happened to the foreign aid workers or journalists, remembering that GAM’s first actions in 1977 was to kill two American engineers and they had kidnapped two Indonesian journalists in 2003, ending in the death of one of them. If something wrong happened to the foreigners, it is Indonesia who have to take responsibility. In my personal opinion, those aid workers who don’t like our protection and even insulted our military for trying to protect them is as worthless as the blog you made. Oh yeah, Indonesia and the rebels have met twice in Helsinki, and it is Indonesia that must plead for the rebels to negotiate, not the other way around. You got it all wrong, before you start crapping about other countries you know nothing about, you should clean up your own mess over there in israel.

  2. And here you have a perfect example of Indonesian nationalism thick with intolerance, insensitivity and vitriol. Is it any wonder that people with a similar point of view ravaged East Timor, repressed Irian Jaya, and put their thumb down on Aceh? The true mark of a bully when criticized is to lash out at his opponent (instead of trying to examine the criticism in case it might have any legitimacy).

    You notice the poster says that international aid organizations “insulted” the military by questioning the need for military escorts. As with all extreme authoritarian nationalists, when you present an idea which runs counter to their own, you meet with paranoia (“insulted our military”) bordering on hysteria.

    This poster seems genuinely perturbed that Indonesia met with GAM in Helsinki. Somehow the very idea of negotiation indicates Indonesian weakness (“Indonesia must plead for the rebels to negotiate”). Somehow the only good rebel would be a dead one in this system of twisted logic. At least that way you wouldn’t have to negotiate with them.

    And then on to this poster’s anti-Semitic hysteria: “before you start crapping about other countries you know nothing about, you should clean up your own mess over there in israel.” Notice that Israel is “my mess.” What the hell does that mean?

    I’ve got news for you Buster, regional conflicts like those in Aceh, East Timor, or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict belong now to the world. We now recognize that these seeming small conflagrations can turn into global wildfires that consume people and nations far outside the original sphere of conflict. Petty dictators like this one expect that by insult, threat and intimidation they can tell outsiders to stay out of Indonesia’s affairs. Well, if Indonesia attempted to maintain some degree of transparency and even-handedness in maintaining order among its far-flung territories, the world would not take such interest in the depredations of its military. When you massively abuse your own citizens and run one of the world’s most corrupt societies, the world will take notice.

    And again, moron, it’s not my responsibility to solve the Mideast conflict. Why would you even claim this unless you were an anti-Semite who believed that as a Jew I had some blame or guilt for the conflict??

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