2 thoughts on “Abu Mazen and the ‘New Era’ in Israeli-Palestinian Relations: Cause for Hope or Despair? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Those of us old enough or well read enough to anything about WWII willrecall that America demanded total and complete surrender from the Axis before making a peace with our enemies. Israel would be foolish to sit and chat with the Palestinains while the large group of terror killers went about killing Israels on a daily basis. That would bez sheer stupdity.

  2. Afraid not, Fred. Sheer stupidity would be Israel continuing to believe (as you do as well) can pulverize an entire people into abject submission. Your analogy between this conflict & WWII is bogus and deeply misleading. Israel is not in a position either militarily or in the court of world opinion to grind its boot into the Palestinian people until they surrender unconditionally. There were many historical factors in WWII which caused the allies to fight till unconditional surrender most significant being that Germany had ambitions of world dominance and the Nazi system was anathema to the democracies of the U.S. and Britain. Most Israelis do not feel this way about the Palestinians as a people. They believe that it is possible to make peace with the Palestinians though they hate Palestinian terror (& rightfully so). It is only leaders like Sharon & Netanyahu (& American Jews like yourself) who wish to make this a fight to the death to obliterate all resistance to Israeli Occupation.

    And, Fred, get your facts straight please: we did not fight till unconditional surrender with the Japanese. They kept their Emperor though one of our conditons was doing away with him. And this was no small concession on our part. That’s conditional surrender, not unconditional.

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